How can I reduce my Spamassassin score?

SpamAssassin is an email marketing application tool that tests all the incoming email messages to see if they have any spam qualities. It performs many tests and considers a list of criteria and then determines a score. This score is then used by ISPs to decide whether to accept or to reject the incoming emails. This helps the ISPs to deliver only the relevant and legitimate messages to their users

What is an acceptable score or good score?
Generally the score ranges from 0 to 10, your number might occur in between these two but anything above 5 is considered to be dangerous leading your disasters like blocking and blacklisting. Anything less than 5 is assumed to be good without any deliverability issues.

However the ISPs have a single weapon in their hands called content filtering to fight against spam and to analyse the legitimacy of email messages. An bonus score is always allotted to reputation of the sender and engagement with that of their subscribers.

When you are capable of maintaining a score less than 5, still find your emails in undelivered status then there might be other issues causing such hurdles.

How to reduce it?
If you find your spamassassin score above 5 then you should try to lower the score.

Make use of built in scoring and reviewing system to find the message and breakup of the score by just a click on the score number. This will show you the exact breakup and how your score was determined to it.

You can check where exactly and what exactly went wrong with your message or campaigns and after necessary changes in the message, you can recheck with the score, if it does not fall under 5 then you can still work towards it until you get it done below that number.

Analyse more from Spamassassin website. Review for more details and tips to get out of spam filters with Spamassassin's tips on avoiding false positives.



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