More about MailGoes and Email Marketing

Acquire knowledge on managing campaigns, contact lists, measure campaign results and tips to manage campaigns effectively.

Email Campaigns

Guidelines to design HTML campaigns, pre built templates and working with WYSIWYG editor.

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Contact Management

Manage multiple contact lists, supress unwanted contacts / domains, segmentation and etc.

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Email Deliverability

Sending emails by using good techniques improves your overall inbox placement rates.

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Spam Filters

Measures that you have to take in order to make your email sucessfully land in your customer's inbox.

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Have a look into all these topics to manage your overall activity easily, so that you can save time.

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Measure your success rates with the help of our fine-grained tools and algorithms.

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All topics related to your purchases, billing cycles, renewls, monthly invoices, payments and etc.

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Security measures that you have to take into consideration, managing personal information and etc.

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No specific topic! But all those topics which are not related to the remaining categories simply remain here.

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