Email marketing tips on avoiding spam filters

As we all know, Email marketing is the cost effective process to reach your prospective subscribers but it is a two way channel. If you find difficulty in reaching your subscribers as a sender in the name of spam, then your readers would also encounter the same problem with their own circumstances prohibiting in receiving your email campaigns.

In this article, we shall discuss some tips on how to overcome such spam issues and to make sure that your emails land in subscriber's inbox.

Make a right choice with words:
Spam filters functions varies with service providers but there are some basic characteristics with which email marketers can avoid their emails getting flagged by spam filters. Almost all spam filters analysis email content, the words which you create to make out your customers attention are the most important triggers of spam filters. Hence avoid words like free, money, sex, Viagra etc to be on the safer side. Determine what you want your email to look like - spammy one or a professional one. Keep your content short, simple, devoid of spam triggering words and to the point as this will give your newsletter a professional touch.

Make use of clear formats:
Make your email simple and clean as possible by using 2 or 3 font sizes and types. Balance images with that of text to make it professional. Limit the use of colours, font sizes and images, anything in excess will mark your newsletter as spam.

Multitude of font tags and inline formatting are triggers of spam filters, generally most primitive filters can detect style sheets and in such cases, your emails will be penalised.

Be consistent:
If you want to be a successful email marketer then you should send your email campaigns regularly and more over consistently. To achieve this, use a template to make your newsletters to look alike creating a brand image. This would help your readers to distinguish your email campaigns and they won't mark it as spam accidently.

Be consistent with the timings also, if your send your newsletter fortnight then maintain the same day and time, so that your subscribers will practice to expect your newsletter, this adds a professional touch which is more important for improving opens, clicks and reduce spam rates.

Adopt permission based email list:
Build your contact list with double opt-in method, in this method a confirmation email is sent to the subscribers email address in order to confirm their permission. This is considered to be important, because most of them might write an incorrect email address or might write other person email address to get off from you. When you send them your newsletter then they might assume it to be spam and eventually mark it as spam. In such cases, this method will help you with the most prospective contact list.

Prominent unsubscribe and from details:
Each and every newsletter you create and send should contain a prominent and clear unsubscribe button or link, if not this will lead to instant spam reports. Along with this practise to give your contact details like phone number, fax, and address clearly as this would prove your legitimacy, to compile with CAN SSPAM Act and also makes it clear for your subscribers to reach you in need.

Keep testing:
The best way to avoid spam filters are by testing your newsletters on different platforms with existing spam filters, if your newsletter ends up in junk or spam folder the you have something to check for.

Sending out legitimate emails might be time consuming but you will be rewarded with good numbers of opens and clicks once your contact list grows.



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