How does my content impacts deliverability rates?

Email subject lines and the content makes up the email body, they are first eye catchers of your email campaigns to make your customers to respond to your call to actions. To make them to act, you need not to do magic. The simple rule is to keep your content short, simple, valuable and especially devoid of spam words or anything that triggers spam. While writing the email content don't extravagate it, make it to the point and relevant to target specific group of audience. Because it is not you going to read your email message, it is your subscribers who are going to inspire. Hence keep in mind about your visitors and then proceed to write.

To help with this, here are some of the simple tips that you can keep in practice to get done your master piece:

  • Keep your subject lines short and simple, the longer it is the more it is susceptible to spam.
  • Avoid shouting at your clients by writing your subject lines with capital letters.
  • Balance your text and images ratio; if your customer device does not help in displaying the image then plain text should be able to balance the situation by providing the necessary information.
  • Check for HTML codes, spelling and typo errors.
  • Watch your words while writing content; avoid words like money, free, free trial, dollars, etc.
  • Provide valid and useful links; avoid "click here" links.
  • Limit the use of Red colour font, dollar signs, exclamatory marks, symbols and bold text.
  • Avoid attachments in your email campaigns, as spam filters consider that to be hiding malicious or fraudulent software and hence considered as spam.



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