A short note on email deliverability

Deliverability means not just your email campaigns getting delivered. If your email messages are delivered to spam folder rather than inbox, then this is not calculated in the deliverability rate, it is calculated as spam rate. Hence deliverability refers to email messages getting delivered to subscriber inbox; no other tabs or folders are calculated in deliverability.

This sounds good but it is not that simple as it sounds, it is the most critical part in email marketing. Creating a good email copy is a challenge and getting it delivered to the subscriber inbox is not less than a challenge. There are a number of factors which influence deliverability rates, they are as follows:

  • Sender score or reputation score: This is the indication of your legitimate IP address. This score is made up by taking all these into considerations like spam rates, complaints or abuse rates, hard bounce and blacklists.
  • Quality list management: A quality list is a collection of email addresses which are built up with double opt-in method.
  • Email content and design: It decides the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Clear message is the effective tool in email marketing as it puts up the information to reach their clients.
  • Test and track the relevant content and the best frequency to send out your email campaigns.



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