Improve your subject lines to increase open rates

Success of email marketing is judged with numbers like open rates and click through rates. There are many uncontrollable factors like time, day, device used, website and personal preferences but there are certain which can be controlled like the content and subject lines.

The subject lines are the pioneer in all of your email newsletters. Why because, that single line decides the fate of newsletters of being opened and read or ignored and marked as spam. Crafting such irresistible subject lines is not impossible but it is a great opportunity to get into your readers mind.

Remember for every email newsletter, you have given the opportunity to use up to 50 characters to improve open rates. It is in your hands of how well you will craft such characters to mark out your brand image.

Let us discuss in detail on how to improve subject lines:

Prioritize your subject lines:
Compare the subject lines of your past email campaigns which have gained attention from your subscribers with high number of opens and click through. Make a note of that particular style or trend to customize your future subject lines.

Convey with importance:
Craft your subject lines with relevant to that of product or anything that you determine to market. If you want to convey any special offers then make sure that the product name and the offer details reaches your audience in a concise format.

Make it personalized:
Collect relevant and important details of your contacts so that you can use them to personalize your email campaigns. Subject lines with your reader's first name will encourage more opens.

Watch for spam words:
Most email service providers analyse subject lines for spam triggering words like free, money, sex etc. Use “Spam Check” option identify such words, hence be alert while using such in your subject lines, it is better to avoid such words.

Make it curious:
The most important tool to get your subscribers attention is by making them curious with your subject lines. The subject lines which trigger their interest, pins out their curiosity are found to open read and converted.

Make the offer special and clear:
When you want to give away offers then be clear and upfront as people always love special discounts and bargains. Make it a part of your subject lines to get maximum attention of your subscribers.

Give special importance to benefits:
We all love to be benefited with one or the other, hence use this in your subject lines. Make your readers clear in what way they will be benefited on reading your email campaigns. For example: "10 simple tips for successful email marketing", this subject lines makes clear that those are the sure fire tips to get rewarded with success scores in email marketing.

Make it identifiable:
Create your own template; create a style of your own so that the contacts would be able to recognise you. Be consistent with the timings and day to make your subscribers know that the email is coming from you. Don't change your from name or company name so that it would be easy for your subscribers to identify your emails.

Don't give an exclaim appearance:
Limit or avoid excessive punctuations, as giant ISPs like Google, Hotmail and Yahoo consider it to be spam.


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