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6 helpful tips to write compelling subject lines

When you are clear with the fact that email marketing will help you in expanding your business and when you put up all your creative ideas and worked for hours in getting your segmentation strategies set right in crafting a killer email copy. Then do you think that this amount of work is enough for expanding your business scale? Yes. But neglecting the email subject line part will bring you down the line by landing your newsletters in junk or spam folder. Email subject lines are not only the ...

Improve your subject lines to increase open rates

Success of email marketing is judged with numbers like open rates and click through rates. There are many uncontrollable factors like time, day, device used, website and personal preferences but there are certain which can be controlled like the content and subject lines. The subject lines are the pioneer in all of your email newsletters. Why because, that single line decides the fate of newsletters of being opened and read or ignored and marked as spam. Crafting such irresistible subject line...

Can I add custom fields to email subject lines?

Yes, you are allowed to add custom fields to your email subject lines, just make sure that you add proper place holders like [First name] in the email subject lines and it will be replaced after you send email newsletters.