What is the use of custom fields?

Custom fields, you might have heard this word in your senders account. Have you ever wonder what is the use of this? Or why does it have been included in the features? Collecting your subscribers email address and getting permission from them to send campaigns to their inboxes is the most essential part in email marketing. But after this, what if you want to personalize your messages. Personalization is the key factor to get engaged with your subscribers in the very best way. There comes the part of custom fields, this gives you a chance to collect additional necessary information like name, age, contact number, postal address, gender, location and interests.

Let us discuss in detail in what way using custom fields in your email marketing will benefit?

Choose right to collect the right information:
It is clear that you will have an email address when they sign up for your email newsletters and choose what other information will benefit you more to personalize them but remember that more the information you ask from your subscribers, the less likely they want to stay in your email list.

Just make it clear what is necessary for your particular campaign. For example: If your campaigns are about an online toy store then apart from email address and name, marital status, number of kids, "specification - girl or boy and their age" is more than enough to send personalized messages.

How do you use them?
After collecting additional information, you can use the same in many ways like addressing person with name or based on interest you can send information related to that particular topic only. Doing so reduces unsubscribe rate while improving your open rates.


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