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Beneficial personalization techniques

Nowadays customers have their inbox full with emails, email campaigns, junk or any wanted information with very high expectations. To grab their attention towards the one in your hand is not impossible but you should know how to make it possible. It can be done with one word called "PERSONALIZATION". This is a key to trigger for successful email campaigns. So, what are we waiting for? Here are some of the sure ways to use personalization that will drive your sales score in email marketing. Ma...

Mail merge

Mail merge is an operation describing the production of multiple (and potentially large numbers of) emails from a single template form and a structured data source: it fills in a form letter. The letter may be sent out to many "recipients" with small changes, such as a change of recipient name or a change in the greeting line; these are represented by form fields or placeholders in the template. This allows production of bulk mailing to a mailing list.

Can I add custom fields to email subject lines?

Yes, you are allowed to add custom fields to your email subject lines, just make sure that you add proper place holders like [First name] in the email subject lines and it will be replaced after you send email newsletters.

Why the custom field and unsubscribe does not show up when I send a preview newsletter?

This is why because, you are only previewing your newsletter, technically there is no other data associated with it. Hence only the placeholders get displayed, the custom fields and the unsubscribe link will show up when you send your newsletter to your contact list.

What is the use of custom fields?

Custom fields, you might have heard this word in your senders account. Have you ever wonder what is the use of this? Or why does it have been included in the features? Collecting your subscribers email address and getting permission from them to send campaigns to their inboxes is the most essential part in email marketing. But after this, what if you want to personalize your messages. Personalization is the key factor to get engaged with your subscribers in the very best way. There comes the pa...

What happens to the custom fields if they do not have proper information?

Whenever you create a custom field, set a default value for that if you don't want to make it a mandatory, so that it carries a default value if your contact left blank. If you set a default value as "Friend" for the custom field "First name" then if your contact does not enter their first name then it will be recorded as "Friend". While creating your email newsletter, if you set your custom field to be "Dear [FIRST_NAME]", if it is filled or left blank still you carry a name like "Dear Frien...