Why my emails are being shown as broken HTML codes or as an attachment?

This is the most commonly asked FAQ by almost all email marketers and sometimes experts too. If it happened there might be occurrence of three possible things because very few things are responsible for such type of actions. Let us discuss about the few most important causes for such things to happen in a delivered email campaign.

The receiver server while analysing your email campaigns or the spam filter might feel that there is something that does not look like your property instead it seems to a "place of isolation" or "quarantined" your email message which has impacted the format changes.

Tip: In such cases, to know the exact reason and the rectification process, your IT group are the best ones to determine why the spam filters have flagged email campaign as spam as they are the authorized ones who manages your subscriber's incoming servers.

Antivirus programme might break multiple email templates and display them as HTML raw codes.

Tip: In order to fix this or to rectify this, the recipient should change their antivirus software programme or install a new one to accept multipart email messages or contact software team of that antivirus product for more guidance.

Multipart email templates might get displayed by some email programs as an attachment or garbled code if email message is devoid of HTML codes and plain text.

Tip: If you find this to occur with test emails then, try sending your test email using the Preview Email step.



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