All about MailGoes delivery rates

Delivery rates are the foremost statistics which states the number of email campaigns being delivered to the recipient's inboxes. Experts of email marketers believe that the art of success and failure in email marketing depends on the first and last numbers of deliverability rates. There are several factors like bounce rates, spam rates, sender reputation score, unsubscribe rates and many more influencing delivery rates. The time taken for the server to deliver your email campaigns depends on the server reputation score, email campaign content and recipient's server.

In this article we shall discuss about the most important factors of the server which influence delivery rates.

Sender reputation score:
This plays a major role in deliverability issues and the time taken to deliver email campaigns. The sender reputation score of all senders including MailGoes server have a serious impact on the delivery rates. If you are a customer of MailGoes and your IP address is being flagged by spam filters bringing sender reputation score down to the bottom line then the incoming emails from your IP address will be blocked by the receiver's server. This is the reason why MailGoes is very strict with Terms of Use and anyone is found violating the rules then his / her account is deactivated without any concerns as it costs the reputation score as a whole which affects all of our customers delivery rates. Hence we work hard to maintain a good reputation score by adopting the deliverability best practises and educating our customers with all necessary tools to be in complaint with CAN-SPAM Act and spam filters.

Violating the terms of use, making up the reputation score and the infrastructure will be taken care by MailGoes team but the only thing you need to take care is email body or email campaign content and list management. We suggest you to follow list management and email campaign content best practices to avoid getting trapped by spam filters or getting marked as spam which will cost sender reputation of yours as well as ours.

Here are the simple tips to improve your email campaign deliverability:

  • Craft an email campaign content expressing your brand to create a brand image in accordance with that of MailGoes Terms of Use.
  • Maintain a good hygienic list with double opt-in method by adopting best list management practices.
  • Make use of personalized tags in "To" field of your email campaigns.
  • Request your subscribers to add your address in their address book or contact list to be on the safe sender's list. This is the best option to get out of spam filters as they would not flag you when they find you in the saved contact list of your recipients.

Receiving server:
Once you have done with all necessary precautions to give out your best to subscribers, your email campaigns from the MailGoes server reach to the receiver server which helps in transferring them to the recipient's inboxes. Before completing its tasks, it checks and verifies all information like the sender details, from address, campaign content and visuals etc. Some might have aggressive spam filters and firewalls at doors due to which your email campaigns might experience delivery issues. These aggressive spam filters have a list of criteria to flag emails as spam. If something like this happens then your email campaigns might get blocked or if something in your email content triggers spam then it will delay in delivering your email campaigns until it completes with the further analysis.

But all these steps at MailGoes would not have any control to help you out, the only thing that we can do is to educate you with all necessary precautions to get your email campaigns delivered on time.



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