Does MailGoes encourage personalized DKIM and SPF?

Yes, not only MailGoes, each and every server or each and every organisation has to encourage personalized DKIM and SPF records. Why because the free email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail have come up with changes in their DMARC authentication standards to DMARC reject policy rule.

You might think, since they come up such changes why can't we change their DKIM and SPF records? Good thought, but certainly cannot, not only you but also no one is permitted or capable of doing so.

Generally DMARC is a standard authentication process which is used by receiving domains to authenticate the email messages using the tools like SPF and DKIM. Free email service providers have come up with an action plan with that of recipient server to reject all the email messages that has a Gmail (free email service provider) email address in "From" address but comes from unknown source or non Gmail server.

This is the reason why we suggest our users to add their sender address which is linked with that of their own domain. While using a custom domain service then you can set up personalised SPF and DKIM domain keys to enhance deliverability rates. This is the perfect thing which will help your emails to get delivered to your recipient inboxes.




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