Tips for sending your messages on daily basis

Emails - this is the word of revolutions. Every one of us is stepping in new technologies, one of which is the email marketing. Permission based email marketing have higher return on investment rates which is a well known fact. In spite of that, email marketing has been proved to be the boon of small and large scale businesses. A business person of all around the world takes this as an advantage to attract, educate, retain and to grow loyal customers in their scale. So when you decided to use such a tool to improve your business on a daily basis then sending your email messages to their destined inbox would be the biggest challenge. Why because your email messages are constantly watched by gatekeepers like the spam filters and email firewalls.

This shows that emails are not an easy task to carry out possibly without any hurdles. Emails are meant to engage and to inspire your customers. If you don't follow some best practices then that might show you its negative shades.

Create an excellent and action oriented content with spam free words
Your subject lines and the content is the most important part of your email body. This is what makes up your business. Keep content away from the spam filters, check for each and every word of your content carefully to avoid spam filters. Apart from that, make sure that once your content gets through the spam filters then the content should be capable of converting your subscribers into loyal. ESPs are very particular with the engagement rates and open rates. If they are not up to the mark then your campaigns will have very less chances to reach your subscribers inbox in future.

Segment your list based on preferences
Segmentation is the valuable tool to send right information for the right people at the right time. By tailoring a specific subject to a group of specific audience in your list is worth of increasing chances of getting your audience to read your email messages and getting responded to it.

Send campaigns to permission based list
Adopt double opt-in method to increase the chances of your message being read. In this method the subscriber confirms their email address twice and if the subscriber does not confirm their email address then they might not be interested with your email campaigns and they will mark it as spam. 

Authenticate your email messages
Authentication is the label to prove that you are a legitimate sender.

Send your campaigns at the best time
Try to send your campaigns between 7 am to 8 pm as they are off-peak timings. But again this depends; you should test and track the results to see which timings would work the best for your campaigns.



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