What is a normal complaint rate?

We all love to be independent in all aspects especially in expressing our opinions, due to this, each and every users of Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and AOL are allowed to report or complaint about messages which they don't like and they even have the flexibility to get off from email list.

When the subscriber hits the button of those email services, mailgoes gets a notification regarding the same to rectify the potential issues.

In order to monitor such issues, the MailGoes support team marks out the complaints percentage for each and every campaign send out via MailGoes channel. To ensure email sending best practices and to maintain good deliverability and sender score, our support team sometimes address these issues with the customers to get a clear clarification to rectify.

If your MailGoes account is accumulated with too many complaints in terms of high complaint score and you are not able to lower the number then your account will be suspended or shut down to prohibit the further increase of such complaints and to avoid sending unwanted email campaigns.

An acceptable complaint rate:
At any time or for any email campaigns, your messages or complaints rates should be below 0.1% that is 1 spam complaint per 1000 emails sent.

This might seem to be a bit difficult, so here are some of the illustrations for different size campaigns and an acceptable spam complaints rate.

  • For 1000 email messages < 1
  • For 5000 email messages < 5
  • For 20000 email messages < 20
  • For 1, 00,000 email messages < 100

What if exceeds that limit?
The email deliverability rates are directly related to the reputation score, so if your complaints are found to be higher for a certain period of time then it not only affects the deliverability rates but also other factors you use which are of useful to send out your campaigns.

If your complaint rate exceeds 0.1% for a certain period of time then you will be contacted by MailGoes support team to clear the issue or your account might get deactivated after a considerable period of time.



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