Difference between a HTML and Plain Text email campaign

Email campaigns can be designed with either HTML – Hypertext Markup Language or Plain text formats. HTML formatted emails looks more of email newsletters or promotions that we see in our inboxes. Emails when formatted with colours, images, layouts, tables and links is naturally an HTML email. Plain text emails, the name itself tells us that the emails composed with more of simple text without any additional special effects. The emails communicated among the employees of an organisation or a company are more of plain text emails.

Generally we don't have to argue much, because we know which looks attractive enough HTML email or a Plain text email. HTML emails converts the best in email marketing filed. But there are some factors which are need to be considered before deciding a format; however the best option is to use both the fields to make it a perfect one.

How does it make a difference?
However HTML emails might be good looking but when it is not used properly then its imperfection will surely fail your email campaigns. Hence know its features perfectly to make it perfection. Depending upon the device, the HTML emails are to be designed or else they might not get displayed.

If your email campaigns are coded with HTML codes for text and images, and if your subscriber device displays the images then it will track more opens. But in some cases when the subscriber device is unable to display your images, then it would be a failure, there won't be anything left for your subscriber to know from your newsletters. Certainly this is the drawback with the most attracted piece of HTML.

Make use of both HTML and Plain text versions, where the HTML does not load the plain text version will get displayed which helps the subscriber to know what you intended them to know exactly. All mobile phones and some old process like Outlook will display plain text without any hurdles. Most of the third party email providers consider this as a default option in the process.

How to make your email campaign in a plain text version?

  • Go to the Create Email Campaign in your account
  • Compose Plain Text campaign below the HTML editor
  • Copy and paste the message
  • Select the list you would like to send and hit the send button.



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