Difference between single opt-in and double opt-in

To get your email messages to their destination points, the first and foremost thing you require is the contact list or an email list without which the delivery of emails would not be possible. The best contact list is the one in which the subscribers like to hear and show interest in your email messages. But there are many kinds of process to build an email list.

Let us discuss in detail about that process and classify the interests of subscribers depending up on the list.

Double opt-in method:
A new or unknown subscriber sign ups to your email list or provide their email address and then confirms it by clicking on a link stating their interest to receive email messages and then start receiving email newsletters.

This is considered to be the most reliable method as the subscriber confirms their email address to get email newsletters from you. This confirms that you have a strong working email address to send your email messages.

The authorised person of the email address has signed up for your newsletter; this shows that the subscriber is really interested in your masterpieces. Hence there will be low complaint and spam rates.

This method is devoid of typo errors and spelling mistakes, hence reducing hard bounce rates and eliminates spam traps.

The greatest disadvantage of this method is the technical issues; some of your subscribers might not receive a confirmation email.

Notified opt-in method:
A new or unknown subscriber willingly subscribes or checks in to your opt-in list stating that he/she is interested in your email messages. This is said a reliable method as the client is willingly wanted to be a part of your list.

It is compliant with anti-spam rule as it is crystal clear.

This method might lead to more of complaints, abuse reports and spam rates when compared with that of double opt-in email list.

Single opt-in method/unconfirmed opt-in:
A new or unknown subscriber sign up for your newsletters providing their email address and then start receiving email messages from you. This is not a reliable method.

This is the simplest method without any technical issues.

High rates of bounce, spam, complaints and abuse reports leading to deliverability issues.

Implied consent of opt-out:
The subscribers are opted-in to the email list without any requests and issues but while opting -out of the email list they are asked to request or for receipt to get unsubscribe. This is the most unreliable method.

Recipients out of humiliation might damage your reputation score and deliverability rates with a high number of spam rates and complaint rates.




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