Is purchasing B2B contact list legal?

The most common assumption of all email marketers is that they need some kind of email address to feed their sales. But they don't realise that this is going to have an effect on them for a long time. In many organisations and for many email marketers buying email lists and sending unsolicited emails does not make any difference, it is considered to be legal. But with MailGoes, it is against our Terms of Use.

Our Terms of use are against selling email data and buying email database. But we don't consider the free email service providers restrictions. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail recommend growing only opt-in email list or confirmed email lists. All webmail services are against sending unsolicited emails to their users.

Why unsolicited emails are not allowed? What happens?
It is simple; your IP address gets blacklisted ruining your sender reputation score by marking email messages as spam. If you use a dedicated IP address and send unsolicited email messages then also your IP address and the customer account will be blocked or deactivated by MailGoes. Because it is not only your reputation taken into account, it reflects the whole of MailGoes reputation inclusive of all our legitimate users.

We know that this might be difficult, but the unsolicited emails will ruin your chances of sending future email campaigns. So your business is considered as a scrape, starting it again from the scrape is not an easy task. Hence don't bother the difficulties, keep in practise all the best practises of email marketing and the rest will be taken care of by MailGoes.



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