How bounce rates impact your email deliverability

When you have opened this article to read, it clearly shows that you are suffering with high bounce rates and now you want to reduce it.

When you send your email campaigns to their destination point - client's inbox, some of them bounce back due to lack of space or client's inbox might be full or receiver's mailbox might encounter delivery issues or email address is inactive or email does not really exists and many more. High bounce rates impact negatively for your email campaigns as well as your brand. But when you know why and how bounce rates occurs then you won't take any risk for your future campaigns.

MailGoes implements a variety of features to safeguard your account and our sender reputation quotas as well. One among them is the soft and hard bounce rates in relative to overall sending volume. When you are successful in washing out all of bounce emails or messages from your email database then automatically you will be in the safe sender list and your reputation scores will get adjusted.

Shoot out bounce rates
To make your email campaigns a great success, your hard bounce rate should be lower than 5% as per industry rules. In accordance to this some receivers server might start blocking your campaigns once your number nears the required percentage or decreases the flow of email delivery.

Unlike ESPs, MailGoes have a set of protocols to manage the IP addresses actively which are used to send campaigns through our channel. We will see that our users experience high deliverability rates by sending emails as quickly as possible with that of delay from the receivers end.

The flow of incoming emails from a particular ISP is the most important factor for causing fluctuations in bounce rates. The ISPs does not deliberate the thresholds and schedules in order to hide the way for the spammers of dominating their system. Hence it is understood that the bounce rates varies with ISPs and other factors but it is better to aim to keep your bounce rates under 5% to be on the safer side.

What are the reasons for high bounce rates?

Stale email addresses: As we all know there is an expiry date for all things; likewise email addresses have a shorter life span of about 6 months. Clients might change jobs, user names, forgot passwords, create new email address, delete email addresses and so on will make the email address to go invalid, does not exist or might go stale when they are least bothered to respond to your campaigns for about 6 months. As a result email addresses might go stale and invalid after 6 months and hence avoid sending emails to old and stale email lists.

Sending campaigns to harvested lists: Buying email lists from the third party concern or sending email campaigns to the rented or purchased email lists are the main source of high bounce rates. Such email lists are the resources of invalid, fake, does not exist and inactive email addresses.

Adopting single opt-in process: When you are greedy in making lengthy email list without giving a chance for your clients to confirm their email addresses then this will pile up typing errors, old, fake, inactive, invalid and stale email address into your list.

How can we reduce bounce rates?

Adopt double opt-in process: Double opt-in email list eventually have a high engagement rates and low bounce rates as you are allowed to target those clients who are really interested in your campaigns and are interested to hear from you. This process is not just confirming their email address; it is all about commitment of business with you. This process will make sure that their email address are valid and by confirming their email addresses, it makes sure that they are really interested in what you are selling them.

Don't send emails to stale or old email list: Sending emails to those who does not show interest in responding to your emails is of waste of time and resources. Remove email addresses from your email list, which have not responded (opened or clicked) to your campaigns for the past 6 months. Naturally this will reduce your bounce rates and increases engagement rates. A high engagement rate plays an important role in high deliverability rates as many ISPs consider engagement rates for calculating reputation score. This will ensure that you are targeting the perfect clients to deliver your perfect campaigns in accordance to their interest at a perfect time.

Validate email addresses before adding to your email list: Validate all of your email address pooled out from online forms for spelling mistakes, check for only one @ symbol, contains a valid domain and make sure that the user name and numbers are correct. Make the users to type their email addresses twice to minimise the mistakes and to match the both instances for accuracy.

Be careful while offering freebies: When you are running any online offers, coupons or freebies to increase your database, then you should be careful in confirming their email addresses and the reference email addresses given by them. As they might give fake email addresses to get the benefit from you then you will be left with a lot of fake or stale email addresses in your email list which will increase your bounce rates.



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