Difference between IP Reputation and Domain Reputation

Your email marketing campaigns’ performance entirely depends up on the email deliverability. Again email deliverability is influenced by many factors, like genuine list, proper signing, relevant and enriched content, less spam rates and bounce rates have healthy hand in making up your reputation.

When ISPs notice you as an licensed sender, that is where your reputation lies. Once the user or the reader receives your email, it is understood that you have send them something to provide them necessary information, whether you take proper techniques to send them or not that depends up on you.

Generally there are two types of reputation for you to know clearly. Here are the instructions to make you understand about the reputation types and their differences.

What is IP Reputation?
We all have discussed earlier about the basics, you know what is an IP address? Each and every server have an unique identification code called IP address of that system. It helps you to identify the specific server. Certainly, sometimes Email Newsletters are sent from shared IPs, that is multiple companies share the same IP address to send emails to their clients. While multiple campaigns are running on same IP(s), it may affect your reputation if there is a bad customer in the pool. But senders, who are dedicated and really worried about their customer relationship usually want to send their emails from a dedicated IP address that belongs only to their organisation. In this way you can control your IP reputation as you are not one among the hundred.

What is Domain Reputation?
Domain reputation has nothing to do with your IP address, this is entirely depends upon the emails sent from the Domain. This shows that the ISPs filtration will take the brands into consideration.

IPV4 and IPV6:
IPv4 provides an excellent addressing capacity. While IPv6 is considered to be designed with more advanced features and have better capabilities when compared with that of IPv4. These are highly resourceful and hence ISPs have started to use the combination of IP reputation and Domain reputation to keep up their email sending reputation process.

What is Portable Reputation?
In the dictionary of marketing or sales, reputation system comes into action when your accomplishments are identified and are respected as the measures of professional position amongst your competitors. Portable reputation is an advanced and new subject to understand, and it new to many of them in the marketing field. The word portable itself indicates that it is able to easily carried out or moved. Hence the portable reputation is used as an excellent tool by dedicated senders, who want to be flexible in moving, adding new IP address or to change Internet or Email service providers. They want to achieve same or even more results without losing the reputation they have built in the past.

The most important point to remember is that with domain reputation, you won't be able change the IP address to solve your reputation issues. This proves that bad email sending practices can cause immense damage to your reputations and brand name. Hence to keep up your reputation and brand name, learn the techniques as explained.


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