30 simple and effective tips for email marketing

1) Ask prior permission: Before adding someone to your email list, ask for prior permission or send your readers a friendly request greetings or e-card.

2) Make your readers to feel that your email contain something valuable and really helpful for them by subscribing it.

3) Use your website to promote newsletter campaigns, make them know that you have put your reputation on the line.

4) Avoid too many formal procedures, make sign up procedure simple.

5) Be trustworthy, let your customers know what to expect. Newsletter campaign should be a part of your email marketing, just be clear about it when they sign up.

6) Remind your consumers that they are not alone, you are there to encourage them.

7) Make sure people benefit from reading your email. How? Share a useful tip. Make them feel better. inspire them.

8) Regularly follow up the non-readers list to see what can be improved upon.

9) Create your email list in a legit way

10) Give your readers a chance to unsubscribe if he/she wishes to.

11) Make sure that the unsubscribe button is clearly visible to the readers.

12) Don't forget to get the feedback of unsubscribed customers.

13) Make your page more perfect and effective to increase your readers list

14) The content of your email is very important. Be sure to think hard about the words you put in here. Be enticing and not too obvious. Promise something good.

15) Make sure you have the important bits of the message summarised at the top of the email and the call to action at the bottom.

16) Be accessible and collect data to personalize emails.

17) Create coupons or vouchers for offers which can only be accessed by having a subscription.

18) Do not overdo your frequency of emailing. Too many emails from a business will make people think you are filling up their inbox and may provoke them to unsubscribe.

19) Monitor and assess each campaign for its open rate, bounce rate, click through rate, referral rate and unsubscribe rate. It’s worth taking the time to fine tune your campaigns so you know they are what your customer wants.

20) Apply cocktail formulas like mix social media and email marketing for better results.

21) Apply practical methods by putting yourself in customers shoes for better subscription rates.

22) Add great content to grab the reader's attention instantly.

23) Test the email out across multiple platforms with office colleagues if possible. Get feedback on impressions and conversion rates before committing to the campaign.

24) Always focus on conversion rates rather than worrying on non-readers list.

25) Always offer your first email to a new subscriber.

26) Always send a greeting email to your readers instantly.

27) Learn to sort out, don't bombard everything to everyone.

28) Make sure your email is scanner friendly, since most of your readers scan email rather than reading it.

29) Trick to avoid spam filters, be a rebel and try something new. Dare to be different. You’ll be surprised by what works and what doesn’t.

30) Sell but to an extent only, don't bombard your newsletter to emails which are invalid.



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