6 helpful tips to write compelling subject lines

When you are clear with the fact that email marketing will help you in expanding your business and when you put up all your creative ideas and worked for hours in getting your segmentation strategies set right in crafting a killer email copy. Then do you think that this amount of work is enough for expanding your business scale? Yes. But neglecting the email subject line part will bring you down the line by landing your newsletters in junk or spam folder.

Email subject lines are not only the gatekeepers of email newsletters; they are the labelled eye catchers of email campaigns. Email subject lines might look like a small part in email body but it is the smart part in causing temptation for email newsletters to get opened.

You are so keen on the text body, designing right visuals and everything to look like a killer copy but when you measure the metrics, the whole of your hard and smart work are all in vain. It is because you have forgotten to choose the most apt words for your subject lines. Even the expert marketers do not even know that the subject lines play a major part in initiating success rates.

Remember that your subscribers look into the subject lines initially, when they find it to be compelling then your newsletters are likely to get opened. In this article we will discuss some of the most compelling tips to write good and attractive subject lines.

Make it a question:
We all are good at answering questions, from the early childhood days we are prepared to answer questions in examination to score well. People just think for a while to answer the question or at least read the question which is the time where many expert marketers want to take advantage. But to employ this type of subject lines in your email copy, you should be aware of your audience and you need to maintain a strong relationship with them. Again if the question in the subject lines failed to deepen their curiosity then it is sure your messages will get logged in the spam folder.

Almost all of us in our day to day life answer many questions based on the decision with “yes or no”.

The question you ask in the subject lines should be related to something that a customer should ask themselves to answer it. This anxiety make them to open your email newsletter in a very few seconds.

For example: What would you compensate for your morning coffee?
Such kind of question in the subject line will make your subscriber alert and they start thinking about it to know the answer and they will be eager to know what it is exactly and what's new in your email body.

Limit the time frame to add a sense of urgency:
In order to grab the attention of your subscribers and to make them to reply sooner, try adding a time limit for the offer to create a sense of urgency. Such subject lines create a curiosity and fear of missing something which is really useful and important to them.

  • Hurry! Buy 2 get 1 free only for today.
  • Avail 30% off on all goods for today and tomorrow.
  • Only 3 more pieces left out for sale.

Before crafting such type of subject lines, you should know to segment your list based on your subscriber needs and interest.

For example: If you design an email newsletter for an online store stating that there will be free shipping on all kids toys for those who have made a purchase in the first two hours and sending such type of newsletter to those who does not have kids is of not going to do any good. The subscriber will never open your email newsletter to know what it is all about. Hence before sending such limited time offers segment your list, know their interest and track their online activity to know them better and to understand their interests in the very best way.

Mark with numbers:
Using numbers in email subject lines is the best way to attract subscribers mind as digits are easily understood and accepted. The numbers provide a structure and form a framework for the content body of your email newsletter. Lists and numbers are easy to process, easy to understand and provides a quick promise to get opened and read.

But you should to know to choose numbers to put it in the right way. If you like to tell something related to steps in gaining success rates then using lesser number will fetch out good open rates as it would be easy and quick to adopt.

Create a curiosity gap:
Curiosity is the word which enhances people feeling to fill up the gap of what they know and what they do not know. However it is accepted that when we know something about anything we are curious to know more about. If we do not know anything about an issue then we are least bothered about it. Hence when you want to create such curiosity with your subject lines, try to leave a small gap to create curious among your subscribers and to encourage opens.

As you notice this subject lines leave out enough information to raise one's curiosity to know what it is all about. What is that technique which email marketers have adopted to gain success? This curiosity gap will make them to open your newsletter to read further.

Make it a surprise:
Everybody of us love surprises, unexpected benefits always cheers up one's mood. Likewise unexpected surprise in your subject lines will encourage more opens.

It might be anything like a small gift or discount or offer on anything causes the reader to stop for a while and encourages the curiosity to open your emails like: Join us to book online movie tickets for free.

Such subject lines increases curiosity but at the same time you should be clear in making them satisfied or else your email newsletter will be marked as spam.

Make it a personalised one:
Including personalization tags in email subject lines is another tool to encourage open rates. Sending email newsletter on your subscriber’s name will add a personal touch like you know them well and they mean something to you. This will make them to feel that you are really connected with them on a very personal level. By addressing email newsletter with their name create a feeling that you are speaking directly to them. It creates a sense of relevance in encouraging them to open your email.

Your subject lines are the most important compelling part in encouraging your subscribers to open your email newsletters. This gives a clear picture of what your email body consists of and what it is all about. Hence it is important to put most compelling words in making up the portion.

There are many tips for improving your email subject lines in accordance to that of your subscribers and their interests. One of the most important feature is A/B split test which helps you in isolating the right subject lines for right people at the right time as this helps you to test different types of subject lines to know which one works best for your targeted audience and which one they would prefer to know from you.

These are some of the tips in writing good email subject lines but remember that there are no rules and regulations in email marketing to attract your subscribers. It depends on how you use your creativity to get hold of your subscribers. Keep tracking the good ones and start testing them on different platforms before hitting the send button.

Don't wait for a second chance to make up the first impression, Grab the one at hand to mark your foot prints. 


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