When and how often to send emails to subscribers

When and how often to send emails to subscribers? This is the most common and unanswerable question in email marketing. It is the most problematic step in email marketing where email marketers could not be able to decide as when and how would be beneficial for them as well and for their subscribers. But there are certain patterns to interest your subscribers in order to achieve good sales score.

Plan a schedule and stick to it
Initially plan a schedule as when to send, what to send and how to send out your email campaigns to its destination points. Stick to that plan and just follow it without fail. If your content is not up to mark every time you send your email campaigns, still subscribers will show interest in opening your campaigns as you send them without fail and without forgetting them to inform about the latest updates. It is important for the subscriber to let know how often they will receive your email campaigns from the very first day itself to make them get practiced to your sending pattern so that they would open up your emails without fail. Remember to notify your subscribers of when they can expect promotional offers that might interest and benefit them.

Right time
How often is one question and what is the right time to deliver your emails is another tough question. As it is not easy to judge one's mood swings, then again it is going to be even more complicated with international subscribers. But when you glance at analytical stats, you will initially know about the time zones. The toughest one is when your clients are running with their own schedules like their office timings, lunch, break timings, conference, seminars, targets etc.

If your email database has most of business people then sending your emails from Tuesday to Thursday will likely grab more of open and click through rates. But see to it that you send them during their work hours not while they leave for home. Mondays are not considered to be favourable as they will run out with busy schedule as to plan for the week ahead. Fridays are another important day where they would like to wind off remaining work for the week and like to start a fresh week ahead; if they do not have any work also your emails are not likely going to open as they will be in weekend mood and your emails would be waiting for Monday.

If your subscribers are private employees then Fridays to Sundays would really be favourable and your promotional offers would really create hype with sales.

Note: Stay true to your subscribers, keep up their trust. Remember, "Trust does not come with a refill. Once it is gone then gone forever, and if you maintain it, it will never be the same. That is the fact". Convey your subscribers clearly of what you are capable. If you are not able to send them weekly newsletter then tell that you would be happy to send them biweekly newsletters. Taking extra time to create a biweekly unique picture would surely grab everyone's attention rather than posting them with dull and uninformative weekly newsletter.


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