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When and how often to send emails to subscribers

When and how often to send emails to subscribers? This is the most common and unanswerable question in email marketing. It is the most problematic step in email marketing where email marketers could not be able to decide as when and how would be beneficial for them as well and for their subscribers. But there are certain patterns to interest your subscribers in order to achieve good sales score. Plan a schedule and stick to itInitially plan a schedule as when to send, what to send and how to s...

How fast does MailGoes send emails?

We have built up with the most scalable infrastructure to ensure the fastest delivery of email campaigns. Many of our customers generally come up with a question like what time it takes to send xxx number of emails? But this is a bit tough to answer. Why because, theoretically if the email list consists of millions of subscribers then it is not an difficult task to send email campaigns to all of those at a stretch in an hour. There are certain factors which are capable of affecting deliverabil...

How does an application send emails, one at a time or more?

Generally application sends only one email at a time and we advice to do the same, as sending multiple emails at a time or including fields like CC and BCC are more likely to get marked as spam and hence it is better to avoid such features.