Guidelines to improve your Call to Action: CTA

Why are you conducting email marketing campaigns? Naturally this is simply answered, you want response or conversions. But how this is achieved? This is also simple, by employing perfect and immediate "Call to Action button".

Amazing! Isn't it? How the simple small button does wonders in achieving your goals. It is simple: Anything or everything starts from one.

What is Call to Action (CTA)?
This is a button or link, that you place on your newsletter for your clients to make them become active leads.

CTR buttons can be used with different words to attract customers like:
1) Get my e-book
2) Subscribe here
3) Consult us
4) Free consultation offer
5) Make an appointment etc

Track your CTA:
CTA is the most important tool in obtaining your desired results. Hence keep testing your CTA by splitting your email lists into different segments and applying different CTAs. You can clearly come to a conclusion of what works for you the best in achieving your goals.

When testing your Call to Action, don't forget to take the following into consideration:

1) Text of CTA: of what you put your words to attract clients.
2) Design, Font size, Colour: Your CTA design and colour should be attractive enough and the font size should be legible.
3) Test only one Call to Action at a time to avoid confusion and to calculate the maximum outcomes clearly.

Make it legible:
A call to action is the most important in your email newsletter because this is where the client can reach you for your service or the product to be opted. So provide clear cut button which is visible at first sight. You should make up the minds of your customer of what he needs to do as soon as he opens your email to read.

1) Keep your CTA button big and prominent. But be sure if it is too big, then it looks odd on your landing page.
2) Bigger CTA button requires the necessary text on it, to look presentable and legible.

Colour matters:
You might have learnt about colours like Green symbolize prosperity, White for peace, Blue for trust, Purple for calm, Yellow for energetic, Red for danger and etc. It is good to study the psychological aspects of human beings depending upon their colour selections. Take these into consideration while designing the CTA button.

1) Dare to be different, pick out the colour according to the template or the landing page
2) Pick up the eye catching colours to grab the attention of the clients instantly.

Include Multiple Call to Action:
We all are not alike in appearance and attitude. We all are different and we all think differently, that is how God created us. Likewise don't limit yourself with one CTA button, have multiple CTA buttons like link, text, visual or image to hype the number of subscribers. As each one is specific, their picking options will also be specific.

1) If your email newsletter tells about the product or the service you offer in a simplified text, then one CTA is more than enough.
2) If your promotional offer is something little complicated in making your clients understand, then you require to put more than one CTA button. Like one at the top and other at the end of the newsletter, or one CTA in the middle and the other CTA at the bottom. Whatever way you prefer to work, do accordingly.

Be Specific and be creative:
Be creative in making your CTAs work. Call to action should say your clients "why" they should opt your service. Be clear with this. But short words are not the better one to work when it comes to email marketing techniques.

For example:
1) Instead of telling the clients to "Subscribe here", put it in other way "Make an appointment". This sounds good to hear.
2) Instead of "Download", tell them "Click here to learn more".
3) Don't be afraid in doing something different, it only fetches you desired results as yours is different when compared to others.
4) Many of us don't like to follow trends, like to set trends. This works better with CTA.

Personalize your CTA:
Personalization or adding a personal touch, works better as it appears to be friendly and bonded. Many researchers have come to conclude that Click-through rates are simply increased just by replacing certain words which sounds to be in a friendly tone to the clients.

According to your email text, frame your CTA words. Almost all CTA words indicate "your" meaning, instead put it "My" to sound better.

For example: Reframe the word "Order" to "Get". Order is the word which explains the client what he will get on clicking, Get is the word which explains what he receives in return. Both mean the same but the word "GET" adds more personal touch when compared to "BUY". It is nothing but to be creative to catch the minds and hearts of your clients to maintain customer satisfaction and relationship.

See what images can do better in your CTA:
The best option is using images in your CTA, because when you see something you won't forget things but when you hear something, you forget easily, you won't be able to remember exactly what you have heard. Likewise if you notice when you drive, you note the directions of the arrow marks given on the roadside to reach your destination if you are not aware of the way. Similarly images are always the best helping aids in all functions.

Using the image of the face or an arrow mark turned towards your CTA button, then people are more likely to be clear about the CTA and they will act instantly.

Brief Summary:
1) Use perfect colour to attract the clients on clicking it.
2) Use of perfect font size to catch the eye of viewers to click on it.
3) Position your CTA according to your subject demands for clients to act accordingly.
4) Personalize the words of CTA to make the clients interactive.

These are the key points to remember in making your Call to Action more helpful in obtaining desired results. A call to action is all the one, which can create conversions and can break your conversion rates as well. Keep in practice the above said points to make your CTA legible and clear.

This is not the end. Test, test and keep testing to see what works to achieve good, better and best results.



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