Boost up the success rates of email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a commercial message or information conveyed to a group of prospective customers using email. In other words every email sent to the client for the purpose of business or sales should be considered as email marketing.

This is the most updated and evolutionary aspect which is grown up in a massive stage recently. Email marketing has been adopted by almost all companies due to its cost efficiency and high ROI numbers. But there is another question. How to increase the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns? Or what to do to boost up the success rates of email marketing campaigns? Discussed more about this topic, this seems to the known topic but still find more unknown tips relating to this topic somewhere. But the ultimate aim of email marketing campaign is to get into the client's’ inbox safely by increasing delivery rates, then open rates and finally conversion rates.

The effective email marketing campaigns starts with the contact list database, which are hygienic and are segmented and analysed many times for better success rates. The list can be grown organically by conducting online surveys when the client purchases any products from online, or while paying bills through online or online banking etc. The lists of contacts are taken from the people who willingly sign up to receive email newsletters to them. Getting or buying email address is not a good option for successful email marketing campaigns and it readily increases the spam ratio.

With all discussions, most of us are aware of the word Spam. Generally more emails are received by the client in a day and hence the client is unable to differentiate it and gets irritated and sends the highly informative newsletters to spam folder. When many clients does the same complaint, then the ISP (Internet service provider) will block the emails from the particular company or the IP reaching through their server from where the client receives the email. The blacklisted IP address or the company will face negative impact on their company's reputation and their ratings, reviews will drastically fall down.

Not only this giant ISPs like Gmail but also have certain criteria of formats and layout of email newsletter to be. Depending upon their criteria, if the format doesn't stick to their requirements then it is considered as spam. The email loaded with larger image is a trigger of spam rather than one with HTML text with distinct images. The common good ratio formula followed is 80% image and 20% text. If the email is built with quality, then the bounce rates are drastically low in number.

Maintaining the list hygiene is always a good option for being in the good books of ISP's. The invalid and unsubscribe list should be checked and washed out frequently. Because if the ISP see the flow of emails to the invalid address from the same source to be high then it is at the risk of spam filters. It seems to the ISP that the company wants to find the legitimate email addresses randomly.

Follow "White hat" techniques which refer to the tactics or the techniques focused on human beings opposed to search engine and supports the search engine rules and policies. This is the most important technique to be undertaken for an effective email marketing campaign. Provide a link in the newsletter for the clients to take up in future.

Maintaining list hygiene and providing a good signup form on your web page or landing page, by considering these two steps seriously can result in effective email marketing campaigns. These are the ultimate boost up steps for successful email marketing campaigns.


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