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What is FBL or Feedback Loop?

We are discussing about the technical terms and innovations of Email Marketing. The most specific term related to email marketing is the FBL. Many of us have not heard about this term FBL, but if you want your seed (email) to grow, flourish and to give fruits (business) then let’s gain an understanding of FBL to water it. To understand FBL initially, put yourself in customers or readers shoes. As a user when you don’t want to receive any marketing or promotional emails, you just cl...

A note on high spam or complaint rates

If any emails sent from your account receives an above average spam complaint rates then your account is likely to be closed temporarily or permanently. This will cause disaster to your reputation score which is highly difficult to build it from the scrape. This article will help you how to deal with spam complaints. After reading this, you will know where you stand in terms of average sender in spam reports or worse. Generally spam complaint occurs when a client clicks on the button "mark ...


A message that is generated when a recipients mark a message as spam by clicking the "mark as spam" button in their email client.

Direct complaint

When a subscriber or ISP complains they no longer want to receive email from you by emailing the reply-to or abuse@ addresses. It’s generally best to unsubscribe them and let them know they’re unsubscribed. Don’t ask them to do anything, beg them to stay, etc.

Abuse complaint

An abuse complaint occurs when your recipient clicks to "report spam" in their email program. The abuse complaint causes the recipient to be automatically unsubscribed and they will no longer receive your email campaigns.

Where should I complain about spam?

We MailGoes appreciate you for raising an issue when you receive a spam email from MailGoes email address or client rather than simply marking it as spam. When you come forward to report the spam emails then we will have a chance to rectify it from our end so that in future you won't be troubled with such issues. When you receive such one, please contact us or else forward the email message with the email headers to and we will take further actions. Along with that, send us ...

How do I know who complained?

Email marketers know that email marketing is a waste of time and resources if the email messages do not land into subscriber's inbox. There are lot more steps to get your emails reached to their destined points. After getting there, deliverability rates, opens, clicks do not only makes up the success score, but complaints and spam score are the most important of all the above. Generally when a subscriber lodges a complaint about an email campaign then that complaint email address will be bloc...