What are the benefits of using a Private IP?

Detailed explanation of IP Pool:
When your account rating is 3 and want to send email marketing newsletter to the clients, then you are grouped with sender reputation and sending mail type. Since your account rating is 3, your grouped sender account reputation will be 3 and will send email marketing newsletter. Yours and other sending account will be similar only. Hence it is necessary for you maintain good ratings so that you can have better pools.

Email Volume:
When you send email newsletter very lesser in volume like a few emails in a week or you don't send emails frequently, then the better option for you will be choosing IP pools. Because some or the other will be grouped and will send emails at all times.

Does IP Pool gets blocked?
Yes, it happens. But the loss doesn't happen. Because the IPs and the senders in each group will be monitored at all times and hence blocking or problems in IP Pool is solved immediately and causes little or no damage to the senders.

Detailed Explanation of Private IP:
The word itself indicates that it to be personal and single IP address or a series of IP addresses assigned to you for sending only your emails. This will not be influenced by others, either in a good or in a bad way. The ratings and the reviews will be the fruits of your work alone.

Potential capability of a Private IP:
By the use of Private IP or sending your email newsletter from a Private IP have a better capability of getting into the client's inbox.

This makes the delivery of your emails faster to your clients. Why? Because, the client's server will identify your emails as the pre-approved list form your IP address. This is the reason why the most business people whether small scale or large scale consider emails sending from a Private IP to be profitable while sending a larger email volume. With the Private IP, there is no need to perform Whitelist. This is a time taking process which is used to prevent unauthorized programs from running. It will protect the system and the network form harmful applications and to prevent demand for resources.

What is white labelling?
You might have heard about the word "LEASE AGREEMENT". This is nothing but to occupy the building or a shop from the owner by making a legal agreement for an amount and for a specific period of time. Until that time period, solely that property will be yours. This seems the same with White labelling. Taking a product or a service from the owner of it and making it to look like yours. That is taking an IP from the IP Pool and makes it look like your personal IP by changing its domain name. For this you need access to your Domain's DNS settings.

The recipient's server may control the flow of emails from an unknown IP address and hence try it with lesser volumes initially and then increases it gradually. Always remember, initially sending email newsletter with an IP Pool does wonder and once your email volume increases, it is advisable to get a Private IP.

Success rates:
The success of any email marketing campaign depends upon the sales ratio and ROI rates. These are better achieved with a Private IP, when you have learned to send good newsletters by maintaining your list hygiene. This might not be easy but at the same it is not a difficult task to perform.



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