Email or Social media - Which is the master of the game?

Social media and email marketing are the two giant strategies which make people to argue, debate over the value and strength. It is true and it is accepted that no one can hate social media as the entire world revolves around it. Social media is considered to be the tool of future generation which will have our babies as its slaves. It might be great in value and strength but one should have it in their business if it makes any sense and good. Just for name sake if you try involving with social media then you are wasting your valuable resources and time.

Are you a smart marketer? If yes, then you should know to read the statics and follow the numbers. Statements might lie but numbers are not assumptions, they are just calculated on the occurrence. Many expert email marketers tend to follow the footprints of social media, but there is nothing wrong in it. With growing number of active members in social media it is really hard to decide which one will be the "man of the match".

Let us stop this and instead of fighting with the assumptions, we shall go through some data to prove which one would be winning the game in near future.

There might be billion active Facebook users and million active twitter accounts, still statistics reveal that there are nearly 3 times more email accounts compared with that of social media users. It is found to be 3.9 billion in 2013 and assumed to go up to 4.9 billion in 2017 worldwide.

These are not just numbers or assumptions, it is the truth which lies behind the tears, just wipe your eyes to have a clear view. When you visit any online store or website or blog you require signing in with an email address. If you want to have a Facebook or even Twitter account then you need an email address. What more? This is the proof of the valuable one.

Email address is the labelled currency for online activities. Anything and everything for an online activity you require an active email address. Hence when it comes to connect or engage or educate or to render a service there is no other source or no other channel wider, stronger and valuable reach than email.

Good marketing does not means how well your ads are or how well are your posts, it means how well your message reaches subscribers and how well they receive it, counts.

Emails are directly sent to the individual inbox and 90% of the emails are more likely to be delivered and in general it shows around 20 to 30% open rates. Whereas if you post an update in Facebook or Twitter only 2 to 6% see your posts, why because; Facebook and Twitter or any other social media will limit the number of your post appearance and encourages their paid advertisers.

This is what counts, this shows that your emails are more likely to be seen when compared that of social media. Emails have 5X more chances to be seen than Facebook and 6X more chances to get opened than Twitter

Now what would you prefer and why:
Still not sure of which one to adopt? Marketing is entirely focussed on driving up conversions. It might be anything like leads, sales, or memberships but the ultimate goal of marketing is to convert subscribers into potential customers and into paying customers. Then when it comes to conversions there is no other source like email and there is no other wide channel like emails.

Getting confused between these two giant strategies is a proved statement since social media is found to be the most popular, widely used and easiest one to reach but emails are proved to be the most effective and successful channel in terms of resources and sales numbers.

Emails and social media are the two different faces of a coin where there is no choice of leaving it or separating one another. These calculations are to make you to understand that social media will not give you desired score devoid of email marketing. To bang your email marketing techniques, you require social media to boost up email database and to create a brand name. We will learn that in near future but before going into it make up your mind that email is also the best marketing strategy.

It would be really funny if you think email to be old technology, yes; it might be aged but advanced in years. If you are smart then you will use different marketing channels to increase conversions. It is all how you built with your creative ideas.

For MailGoes, emails are the most valuable source of communication and conversions and at the same time we won't neglect that social media is a world of opportunity to make visible and tagged. This is the reason why we are keen in keeping a social appearance.



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