How the changes of ISP filtering process affects email marketing

In today's world, email communication is the fastest growing channel. The most important boon is the email which serves as the medium of communication for all commercial messages to thousands of people at a time or even more. But at the same time this has become a stressful job for many professional email marketers as their big picture is being held up with giant ISPs filtering procedures. While we all know the cost effectiveness and efficiency of email communication, still we are unable to swim across such filters as they keep on changing their monitoring rules in terms of spam. This shows that the experts should be aware of changing shape now and then to maintain a good deliverability status.

So, you might think is this important for me? Or do I need to worry about? Yes, if you are not into email marketing, obviously you don’t read this article. If you scroll for such articles then it shows that your spam rates and inbox placement rates are really troubling you. You might be a low volume sender but still you should be aware of ISPs rules to get to your customers’ inbox.

ISPs are very keen on spam as it spoils their reputation and no one will be interested to hold their accounts with such ISP which delivers spam messages. Hence ISP monitors all the messages before getting it delivered to their email users.

When you want your email campaigns to gain attention from the targeted customers then you should be in the good books of ISPs mainly with the giant ISPs like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail etc. IP reputation, domain reputation and content play a major role in reputation score in ISP rules and regulations. ISPs judge your capability and efficiency of your email campaigns with such reputation scores. There are no average and above average scores, only good reputation scores are taken into account as it costs their reputation ultimately.

Have you ever wonder what it is about to?
Everybody wants the best and wants to be the best these days, this have taken us far from advanced to high degree of complexity. The breakthrough of this is the innovations of Email Marketing - Feedback Loop (FBL). To understand simply, Feedback Loop is a tool with which ISPs let you know that a certain number of customers are not willing to accept your proposal. It sends out a complaint or a feedback message to the sender when a single recipient marks the sender message as spam. This will let you know to remove the particular address from the email list or email database. The large volume of such feedback message will risk your email campaigns to get piled up in the customer's junk folder and obviously you are labelled as a bad sender with lowest reputation score which eventually results in blacklisted or your IP address getting blocked by ISPs.

Managing Feedback loops and being in the good books of ISPs is really a tough job as an average business person receives nearly 80 to 100 email in a day which is over ruled and tend to mark them as spam. The negative shade is that people don't bother to mark the emails as spams which are out to be done. In such cases the inboxes get jammed sketching a bad luck for the users and ISP.

What it is held up with?
Nowadays ISPs have sophisticated monitoring tools called email metrics with which they are able to calculate the efficiency of email campaigns like how well are your campaigns are capable of engaging customers and how well your campaigns have succeeded in grabbing their attention in terms of opens, click through and subscribe rates. While no one denies that the engagement requires a strong bond of relationship which is a time consuming process. Those who are least bothered about engagement rates will fall out of the game on their own.

What should be your plan of action?

  • First and foremost important step in email marketing is the email database; maintain a clean and hygienic email list. Check how well you are personalizing your email campaigns. Check whether your email campaigns are able to attract your targeted clients personally in the first place.
  • Make sure that you separate bounce messages from the future email list. Wash out hard bounce list and plan to create different campaigns for dormant and inactive subscribers.
  • Practice using different shades of subject lines, content body, coupons and offers to give your email campaigns a customized and personalized look.
  • Avoid over communicating emails. Make it clear about the message which you want to convey. If you want to tell your customer what time it is, you can readily do so rather don't try to tell him the brand and how your watch is designed and marketed.
  • Before hitting the send button, check for spelling errors, misused words and always read your message twice of how well you have designed it to communicate, which you intended to do so.
  • Getting an email address is a wonderful job but retaining it and getting your email campaigns opened is a privileged one. This can be an impossible task when you neglect engaging your customers in the first place. Start engaging them from the very first day with your first email campaigns.
  • When your customer renders a hand of friendship in return accept it immediately. Don't make them to wait for a long time to know your response. Make them to feel as if you are eagerly waiting for their presence.

To summarize:
Emails are the customised tool in modern technology for acquiring more number of new customers, retaining old customers and keeping current customers engaged. But it requires a lot of analytical and personalization skills. If you found to have low inbox placement rates, think for a while of where you have gone wrong in sketching your email campaign. If you found to have low open and click through rates then take a step back to practice different subject lines and content body to engage them with the new and relevant email campaigns.

If you want your emails to be opened by your customers, question yourself of what you are giving them in return. If you are working with the large email database then have a plan for re-engaging your subscriber base. But if you are moving ahead with all good luck in terms of opens and clicks then keep on experimenting with patience to be the best at all times.



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