How to master email deliverability challenges

Internet have branched out widely in the form of email marketing. It might be used as an extensive tool to do business in the most cost effective way. But still researches have come up with a point called Email Deliverability. This is the biggest challenge faced by almost all digital marketers nowadays.

The email marketing have seen a lot of changes like the upcoming of Android or smart phones, newly designed apps, customer interests and etc. Though all these have gained importance in email marketing techniques, one area have left untouched is deliverability.

Email deliverability, have gained a misleading impression to be complex but when you understand, and put the preventive measures then your work is done. Let us have a brief account on this:

Know how to prioritize your List:
There is an old saying "Time and Resources are valuable", so use them carefully, once lost, it is difficult to gain back. Be sure about the quality of your email list. "Bigger" don't work in marketing. This is the mistake done by almost all marketing people. Properly segment your list by giving them priorities. As you are dealing with highly resourceful factors, make sure that you are focussing on clients who are really interested in you, rather than focussing on clients who are least bothered in your proposals.

Concise your mailing volume:
Don't be greedy and send multiple emails or promotional proposals to customers in the same day which may lead to failure of loading your page as the ESPs manages the flow of emails or there might be any technical problems arising due to a larger number. It knocks your brand reputation largely. It is best to follow separate newsletter for every proposals.

Avoid spam tricks:
Your email should not resemble patterns seeking to fall in spam filters. So give up the temptation of using hyper words like "free money", "new offers", "buy now", "limited time offer" to grab the attention of Spam filters rather than clients. Avoid crafting newsletter with capital letters, bigger fonts, punctuations, exclamatory marks and etc. It doesn't mean that you are not supposed to do them but keep it to the necessity.

Wave off unsubscribe from your list:
When the client is not interested with your promotional offer, then mark them and wash out from your list making it hygienic. Sending emails to those will evidently increase your risk of getting into higher spam rates, which will affect your brand reputation in the eyes of ESPs / ISPs. Maintaining a good hygienic list always rewards you with good results. Spam rates generally increase due to the invalid address, out-of -date information or by mailing with a larger number of invalid customers.

Don't go beyond extremity in visuals and JavaScript:
Using images in making your clients to understand the product in a better way is good. But anything beyond the limit is good for nothing. Using too many images with very less content , then you are lost with the results. Nowadays, images are allowed to an extent, beyond that they are eye catchers of spam filters and most email users are now blocking the images in emails automatically. Use Images accordingly to the subject demands and be sure to convey the correct information. JavaScript has been neglected by certain group of email clients leading to negative reputation of the company.

Email marketing has always been the best option for digital marketers, but to achieve the best equation to attain results, your email newsletter should catch the right inbox these days. It is not a magic to make your clients realise that they would really miss something if they doesn't take up your email to read. This will happen when you take good care to practice the above said points. Email deliverability is a delicate balance, once you master it, then you are the master of the rewards.

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