What does email size do with email deliverability

Email marketing - the most cost effective and highly profit yielding process. Hence each and every individual likes to start their career as an email marketer. Just imagine if a boon is dedicated to email marketers, what would they ask for: Naturally - they want their email campaigns to be delivered to customers’ inbox and to receive subscriber attention.

This would be the real blessing for all email marketers. As we all know that there is spam filters kept as guards by ISPs to filter out the legitimate from illegitimate senders. One has to follow the spam rules and regulations while designing email campaigns to get through spam filters to reach inbox. The most common question asked by email marketers is how I would make my campaigns get through spam filters?

MailGoes email deliverability support team knows the list of criteria to keep in practice to avoid spam filters in the very best way - but is email size one among the list? Then the answer is "yes".

Correct email size:
Email size plays an important part in email deliverability. Spam filters takes email size as one of the criteria to block your campaigns as spam. Many research studies have confirmed that the email size should be from 15KB to 100 KB. The email size should not exceed 100 KB, exceeding this score then your emails are at risk of falling in spam folders. One single byte exceeding the normal score would be blocked out by spam filters.

When you are sending your email campaigns to the giant ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc, you should make sure that the email size is under 100KB, if one byte exceeds the limit then naturally your email campaigns will remain in the spam folder.

Keeping the email size less than 100KB is not only a rule, there are many benefits attached with it. If your email is less than 100KB then it takes shorter loading time. Shorter loading time is always beneficial for the subscribers as they need not to wait for a long time to view your email. You need not test your subscriber patience.

Check your email size:
A question might arise in your mind, how would I know the email size? This is the most common question but when you start your career as an email marketer then you would know how to calculate your email size and where to keep a check in terms of email size. Email size includes all of email components which are required to make up the email to look in a proper way.

Components are as follows:

  • Email Template: A miniature web page which saves creation time.
  • Email Text: Required to explain the message of what it is all about.
  • Visuals: Used for explaining the product in the very best way.
  • Additions like Links and attachments to better understanding.

Email marketers design their email campaigns based on the email size as they are well aware of the size of the images and attachments they use. They often take in charge of adding them and removing at times according to the need as per the normal email size. But it would be difficult in dealing with text and links, as text seems to occupy more of size depending up on the length and size of the characters used, colour and formatting options, still it would be very difficult to analyse the exact size of the email in when it comes to email text.

Check for the images perfect size:
When you know that email size is utmost important in email deliverability, then you should know certain rules while working with email components like images.

Make a note that your email size must be less than 100 KB including images:
No matter, how long, how many images and email text you put in to make your email campaign attractive enough until and unless it is less than 100 KB. In order to help to follow such principles, MailGoes have come up with a solution: the emails send through MailGoes does not include images but actually loaded from external servers to the individual recipient when the email is opened by them.

Adopt .png instead of .jpg:
The .png format is lighter and safer when compared to .jpg format as it would not change the quality of the image.

Balance your image and text:
Spammers usually use one large image without any email text as they like to hide malicious features. Hence using a single image without any text would label you as a spammer. Spam filters are not capable of reading images; keeping images without any text would make your campaigns to land in spam folder. Know to balance your text and image ratio for better deliverability.

Adding large attachments will take a pretty long time to load your email campaigns. Large attachments are considered to be harmful by giant ISPs and hence your email campaigns are at a risk of getting hold in spam folders. When you want to attach attachments in email campaigns then make sure that each attachment should not exceed 2 MB and the total size of all attachments should be less than 10 MB.

MailGoes - we strongly suggest our senders to avoid adding attachments instead adding links would be beneficial. That will motivate your subscribe to click on the link to know what it is all about which increases CTR.

Tips for email deliverability:

  • You may consider spam filters to be villain as they block out email campaigns on reaching your subscribers. But actually they are the superheroes as they aim to improve the quality of email campaigns. They check for the spelling errors, unnecessary spacing, capital letters, attachments, images and other components to prove your email campaigns to be legitimate.
  • Explain promotion with necessary email text and images by keeping a check with email size to avoid spam filters and to receive subscriber attention in a better way.

It is true that email size is one of the criteria to get blocked by spam filters but that should not be the end for designing a creative email campaign to receive subscriber attention and appreciation. Make sure that your subject lines are relevant to that of content, keep prominent and accessible links, avoid spam words, adopt double opt-in process and at last but not least follow CAN SPAM rules and regulations to make your email campaigns to stand out of the rest.

For any queries on spam filters and deliverability issues, contact MailGoes support team.


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