Beneficial personalization techniques

Nowadays customers have their inbox full with emails, email campaigns, junk or any wanted information with very high expectations. To grab their attention towards the one in your hand is not impossible but you should know how to make it possible. It can be done with one word called "PERSONALIZATION". This is a key to trigger for successful email campaigns.

So, what are we waiting for? Here are some of the sure ways to use personalization that will drive your sales score in email marketing.

Mark out a perfect query
The perfect bullet to load the gun of personalization is segmentation. To propel personalization features you should know to segment your email list based on the word "relevance". For this you should ask questions like what they like, why do they choose your brand, why they visit your website and how frequently and so on to make your segmentation apt for the designing the relevant content and to target the right customers.

Establish customer identity
When you tend to market or sell something with your email campaigns certainly you should know who are getting your products as this will help you to maximise your ROI numbers. Hence to get deep into the customer segments, many companies have initiated buyer personas.

Do you know why buyer personas important? As we live in emails era, the online space is getting condensed and hence it is important to occupy your clients with targeted advertisements and relevant words of communication. The marketing tools these days have made it accessible that anyone can create and target segmented list of customers by using demographics and geographic.

Hence adopting to build such personas will allow you to create relevant content to that of interests, targeting the topics of their choice and to track where buyers find your campaigns interesting. This is a creative, clever and common personalized strategy that will ensure customer satisfaction, engagement, strengths loyalty and high targeting capability.

Make use of behavioural statics like location and time
We humans like changes, likewise as email marketers, you should know that your customers are no longer interested in hearing the same old peacock stories of daily, weekly and monthly newsletter. They like changes in the style of communication. Hence rather than targeting your clients based on the simple segmented lists, diverse their behavioural tactic for building individual profile for each subscribers.

Track out their recent actions on your website, at what time they log in to your site, how much of time they spent, what are the products they viewed, what are the products they chose and liked, what are the features they analysed on buying your product and so on. Certain of your customers like to visit early in the morning hours and some in the evenings and they receive your email campaigns in the same way. Make use of A/B testing to find out the optimal timings to let out your campaigns.

They might stay at different locations like an Indian client might like to receive emails around 12 noon but an American would not prefer that timings as it would be early morning hours for them. See these are changes which are to be taken care of while designing and sending your email campaigns.

In order to customize this, you can use customer data to fix up the issue in the right way.

Make use of marketing automation
Automated emails are nothing but the trigger based email campaigns which are sent automatically to the customers on account of any special events or directed by the email marketer for a specific condition to occur. The most important benefit of such emails is that once created they will carry out without waiting for a labour order required to send out email campaigns. Generally such trigger based campaigns sent automatically based on an important event or issue that is very much related to your campaign targets and goals. Most commonly trigger emails are welcome emails, happy birthday emails, upselling and cross selling, reengagement emails or any order confirmation emails.

These types of emails are very best in improving your sales score as they will reach your client’s inbox when they are still thinking of you. These are highly active, relevant and personalized and can grab the attention of the viewers even though they are still not clear about your email campaign that triggers an action by making your emails to stand in the first place.

It is most clever idea to choose and to design trigger based emails based on your email campaigns as it increases conversions, brand awareness, relevance, efficiency, customer loyalty and also allows you to get back your clients which ultimately increases your revenue rates.

Brand personalization
Personalization is not limited only to your emails or customer details, you can also personalise your brand or company. This aspect adds a connection between you and your customer. It will make them to treat your brand as their own. Research studies have shown that personalised brand has proved to improve customer engagement rates.

For example, when you open your inbox, you will see a number of emails. To which you will get attracted most a plain text styled or to a highly designed HTML email campaigns. Naturally you will consider opening the second email. Why because? A designed email makes you to feel that they come from a brand and plain text emails are tend to come from individuals. Just think which works best for your email campaigns.

Hence know to personalize your brand and company name to strengthen your customer sender relationship. Simply with words from your mouth won't be personalized, create a logo and make it familiar for your clients to recognise you in the first place.

Get it matched with your web page
Personalizing your email with customer data is the important but matching it with your web page or landing page is even more important. Make it to look consistent and they both should have uniformity in conveying “call to action” to your clients. This is all about trustworthy; they are more likely to convert as you are showing them uniformity in personalization. When your emails and landing pages are of similar in conveying a similar content then they tend to act similarly. Hence don't forget to personalize your emails along with your landing pages for more conversions from your relevant clients.

Rolling up

  • Now you are clear that the best way to improve your engagement rates and conversion rates can be done only when you personalize your email campaigns with your customer data like their name, interests, job title, age and etc.
  • Apart from this you can also include behavioural data like how much of time does a client spend on your web site, past purchase history, and what are the features they mostly like to click and so on.
  • You can take up personalization with contextual data like at what you are sending your emails and at what time are your clients comfortable in receiving your emails and when they likely open your emails and seasonality etc.

These are things which will help you to put your right message in front of your right customers for a right conversion. It is simple to start, just focus on the customer data you have at hand and try how to grab your customers’ attention from personalization emails in an efficient manner.



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