What would you do when an email marketing mistake occurred

Each and every day, each and every step, we are well habituated to use technology. Thanks to the technical resources for such vast advancements in email marketing software. With such successful email marketing tactics, still mistakes are regularly made. Even though you are aware of in and out of email marketing techniques, you are likely to make at least one mistake at some point of time in your campaigns.  But how well you and your organisation deals with such mistakes and how well you respond to your subscribers and how fast you rectify those mistakes, ultimately depends how well you will be able to retain your subscribers or lose them out of your hand.

As an email marketer, you must know the list of mistakes that might occur at times while crafting or sending your email campaigns to your lists’ inbox. Those might include misspelled words in the content, misplaced visual explaining a wrong promotion, adding invalid or broken links, inaccurate or mismatched segments and things might be anything that can go wrong for a successful email marketer.

This is why many email marketers are bit worried and tensed to send out their campaigns even though the email marketing techniques revolves on automatic features. Hence it is clear that at some point of time mistakes can happen, we will see some examples which might give you a clear picture of how to respond to rectify email marketing mistakes.

Example 1:
You are asked to send email campaign explaining a promotion to over 2000 subscribers of email database. While doing so, you realised that all the emails from your end have been addressed to a single person named ABC. What you will do and how fast you will act?

In such case, you should react quickly. If you get tensed and keep on thinking what to do then you have lost your subscriber and your brand reputation. Quickly contact sales department or support team, ask them to provide one time discount and quickly send an apology email for the previous act. Remember your email should contain all the necessary information like why it happened, how it happened explaining the one time discount. This will naturally overrules the error made by you, enhancing more sales and at the same time builds up your reputation score. As it makes clear that you as a sender know to whom you are sending your email campaigns, you know your subscriber names but unfortunately the mistake happened.

Example 2:
When you are editing fortnight newsletters for any local company offers, after sending your email campaigns regarding the same realized that your campaigns contain an invalid or broken link then what would you do?

Act quickly by writing an apology email titled "Correction - Fortnight newsletter no. 45" explaining the situation that the previous email contain a broken link address, apologise for the mistake done and give them the correct link. It would really make your subscriber laugh.

In the above two examples, have you found a common thing? - Quick response. This is what is needed and expected in email marketing.

  • First of all the immediate action is required for the mistake to rectify it.
  • Secondly an apology email of why and how it happened - clients would get irritated that the sender is least bothered to know their name and the sender does not know what to send and how to send in a legitimate manner.
  • Your email should explain the necessary things about rectifying the mistake done by you in a legitimate manner rather than simply conveying a "sorry" at the end.
  • In the second example, the subject line itself conveys that there is a correction which needs to be taken care of.
  • Explain the issue so that the subscriber need not to hunt - why and what it is.

It is all about the word "sorry"
Sometimes the simple word "sorry" will do wonders along with the lines "Please accept my sincere apology for the mistake".

Bottom lines
Explaining the situation would increase trust in your subscribers. Be honest and truthful to your subscribers explaining why when and how the mistakes occurred and rectify the issue immediately would make your subscriber to understand that "Practice makes a man perfect". Errors occurs commonly while practicing.


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