Importance of prominent unsubscribe link

Hitting the send button to publish a quality email requires a lot of skill and work and we all love our subscribers who opt-in to stay with us and to read each and every email regularly. But practically it will not work. Naturally at some point of time a subscriber wants to leave your email database. This question is not easy to handle and at the same time this is not a difficult task to leave and to move forward. At this point of time, how would an email marketer can handle it? Simple - Using "Unsubscribe" button or link.

Just think for a while, would you make it easy for your subscribers to click on the unsubscribe button to leave from your list who does not want to stay with you longer. Or would you make them to search, hunt and finally irritate them to "just delete your emails or mark your emails as spam". Never opt the latter for your business.

Don't underestimate unsubscribe rates
Providing easy, comfortable prominent unsubscribe button and commitment of permission will help you to maintain a legal agreement of business which is the foundation to build up trust with your subscribers. The prominent unsubscribe button or link will ensure that you respect your subscribers. There are nearly hundreds and thousands of articles, newsletters and promotions made up your email list and only few out of them wants to unsubscribe from your database. This is not a big issue. Unsubscribe links are considered to be the natural attritions where your list will remain with the most interested and most wanted subscribers who are really interested to hear from you.

By designing prominent unsubscribe link in your emails, actually helps you to retain your subscribers for a longer period of time as you respect their wishes so do they.

Why email campaigns requires an unsubscribe link badly?

  • To comply with the CAN SPAM Act
  • To be polite and patient to your subscribers
  • To be in your subscribers good books
  • To get feedback and suggestions
  • To keep your list clean and healthy with interested subscribers
  • To avoid marking as spam and hitting delete button

Simply speaking, an email marketer needs it badly to be successful. While designing an unsubscribe button or link, it is good to put up a simple text box next to that link to ask for their feedback and suggestions on exactly what they want to hear from you.

Where to place the unsubscribe link?
Research studies have shown that placing an unsubscribe link at the top of the email campaigns reduces spam complaints. But again this is a controversy, you need to test, track and analyse the resultants to check what works best for your campaigns. By that you should design where to place your unsubscribe button. When you are sending campaigns using MailGoes service, an unsubscribe link is placed automatically at the bottom of your email.

Learn from unsubscribe rates
When you find your unsubscribe rates rising suddenly to 4 to 5% then you should worry a bit. There might be many reasons for people to opt-out from your service. You might be loading their inboxes with too many email campaigns or sending emails more often. Then it is the right time to decrease your sending volume, change sending timings, segment properly and send most relevant information to the targeted clients.

Never underestimate your list based on unsubscribe rates
Less and more unsubscribe rates does not mean that your list is good or bad, it all depends on how you communicate and how you engage your subscribers in the very best way.

  • The client might change the channel to communicate with you; they might prefer Twitter or Facebook to follow you rather than email.
  • The client might opt-in for a number of lists and hence want to reduce one out it.

These might be many more reasons, hence never calculate the efficiency of your email campaigns compared with that of unsubscribe rates. But having more than 1% of unsubscribes out of single campaign schedule might mean something to check and rectify.


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