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Top reasons for unsubscribing in email marketing

There could be many reasons that user shows interest to unsubscribe email alerts from your website. Users who shown interest and confirmed their subscribtion using double-opt-in system may also unsubscribe from your service if you don't care about users' interst. Assume that you have serveral services from your company and user has shown interst to receive emails for a particular topic.When you send emails of inintentional topics to user,he / she does't care about your email campaign. Insted th...

Importance of prominent unsubscribe link

Hitting the send button to publish a quality email requires a lot of skill and work and we all love our subscribers who opt-in to stay with us and to read each and every email regularly. But practically it will not work. Naturally at some point of time a subscriber wants to leave your email database. This question is not easy to handle and at the same time this is not a difficult task to leave and to move forward. At this point of time, how would an email marketer can handle it? Simple - Using ...


To unsubscribe means to cancel a service or to remove oneself from a digital mailing list. An unsubscribe method is a common part of email marketing or similar setups. These features help to provide an option for those who do not want to receive further emails or communications about a company or its products or services.

How can I unsubscribe the one from my email list?

When you are no more interested in receiving emails or on the list that is managed by MailGoes then you are free to unsubscribe from the list. To unsubscribe, go down to the bottom of the page where you would find a link with a message stating that "click here to unsubscribe". By clicking on that, you will be directed to a webpage where you will find your subscription details and click on the unsubscribe button, then you will see a message stating that you have been successfully unsubscribe f...

Are unsubscribe marked as inactive or deleted or how do they handled?

Generally the unsubscribe contacts are marked as inactive by application, it will not delete any of those contacts. Hence when you re-import or add the same unsubscribe contact to your contact list they will not get re-subscribed accidently also.

Why the custom field and unsubscribe does not show up when I send a preview newsletter?

This is why because, you are only previewing your newsletter, technically there is no other data associated with it. Hence only the placeholders get displayed, the custom fields and the unsubscribe link will show up when you send your newsletter to your contact list.