Gain success from your email campaign segmentation

The main reason for the companies to start email marketing is that, it is cost effective process and the returns are high. Email marketing is considered to the most profitable business when performed in an authentic way. There are certain criteria to be followed in email marketing for attaining desired ROI.

The most commonly asked question is what should I need to do to improve sales ratio? How to improve ROI? How to keep up reputation? Is my content good? How about the layouts and designs? All these questions will land up in the same answer sheet. What all wanted to know is simple. The list affecting the success of email marketing is long and answering to all such is not necessary. There are certain key points which are to be followed to make success to leave its footprints permanently.

In this topic we shall discuss about the most important to make your company topper of the show.

Segmentation: Top secret of success
To start from the basics, segmentation - the word itself indicates that dividing the list into small groups based on various common factors like age, gender, hobbies and etc.

Segmentation allows you to make it more personal for your customers. Once you segment your list, you will craft content message according to the segments rather than sending a massive email. When you create your content with utmost specifications and requirements of the customer, this leads you to the step of success. To put it in a specific way, same group of clients with similar requirements or interests act similarly when they receive similar kind of information with relevance. The other important tactics is that you should be able to send campaigns with different frequencies.

Some segmentation can also be done by creating a survey in accordance with the online shopping done by the customers. Whatever may the criteria, the segmentation process must be easy to implement so that it provides space for you to check and test.

Plan of action 1: Segmentation based on customer life series
This is entirely a different process of segmentation, some of your customers have purchased a product and others have subscribed your newsletter. If both are different then there is no point of sending a similar kind of newsletter to them. Treating them differently and specially based upon the interests will yield more conversions and for others who have not got anything from you, make them to consider in a different way. First we shall divide the list into 3 types:

Appealing: Those are the clients who have not purchased anything from your company. Push a newsletter to them explaining about the valuable quality products and services you have rendered and about the new arrivals for conversion. Offering special discount on first purchase or some other benefits works out well.

Withholding: These are the customers who have already used services from your company. It is easier to push them for more conversions comparing to fresh leads. They know about the brand and have tested your service. Push them with offers and coupons to get more in touch with you. Reengagement and reactivation is more important with such clients. What if customer not interested with your products? At this point of time you should know when the client becomes inactive. An inactive customer is the one who have not opened your emails for a particular period of time. For such types, prepare a win back campaigns to get hold of them.

Loyalty: These are the genuine or loyal clients, who use your services frequently. Based upon their interests, they will buy from your company only. You need to create special promos to make them feel special and privileged. Keep in touch of these customers as they can give more conversions in near future.

Plan of Action 2: Segmentation based on customer performance
One of the easiest way of segmenting your list is based up on their performance or behaviour. Before segment your list you need to consider various parameters like email opens, clicks and conversions.

Not opened: When the client has not opened the email, then you can send them again by doing minor changes or else change the type of the promotional offer and pitch to him.
Opened: This is where the client has read your email but the stuff has not been enough to grab the attention of the reader for conversion. In other way this can be considered as the feedback and necessary changes are required for your future campaigns.

Clicked: You are partially succeed. You have made the client interested in reading your email and responded to it but conversion has not yet happened. Need to change the action plan to push him for conversions.

Converted: You can feel happy as you achieved your task. But don't relax! Send them a thank you note or email showing your concern about them. Build customer relationship in creating them a loyal client of your brand and promote cross selling of products.

Segmentation is the easiest way to attain good results. Make it simple to implement and to test. Keep testing for analysing your results to attain desired ROI.

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