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How to track email marketing campaign results

Now, you have learnt basics and done with your exams like sending effective emails to interested clients. It's time to analyse the results. This is just like the report card, you have gone through in your childhood days. The report card allows you to know, in which subjects you have scored well and in which subjects you were weak. Likewise analysing your email campaign reports show you clearly where you have done mistake and in which step you have done well. In Email marketing campaigns, tracki...

10 Sure fire steps to extend email marketing results

You all know of sure, studying in the early age and writing out exams for what? For results. How we scored in exam not only matters but also how we get settled in life after that matters. Likewise making you to know all important things like genuine list, enriched content, proper sending techniques, all means to be for one thing. That is attaining excellent results, ultimately to increase profits. For these things just follow the below explained steps. Logical Call to Action:If you really want...

How do we know the email campaign results?

Each email campaign results are shown in the format of graphical reports and a back-end reporting tool access will be provided to you. You can login to our control panel and can observe instant reports available for all your campaigns.