Topic: email list

Techniques to raise authentic email list

The first step that email marketers have to do is to create a genuine list of customers. The list should be in such a way that you can rely on it. Not only this, have proofs of your interested customers email addresses to make sure from where you pick them. This is a general question by all, of how to raise authentic email list? Simply go through the points described below. Take prior consentDon’t get afraid, you are not told to perform magic; simply take prior permission from the clien...

Does the contact status get affected when I add banned email list to it?

Certainly no, the contact status of a particular email list does not get affected when you add banned email list to it. When you add them, the application will analyse your banned list and remove the recipient's email list for that particular send.

How can I unsubscribe the one from my email list?

When you are no more interested in receiving emails or on the list that is managed by MailGoes then you are free to unsubscribe from the list. To unsubscribe, go down to the bottom of the page where you would find a link with a message stating that "click here to unsubscribe". By clicking on that, you will be directed to a webpage where you will find your subscription details and click on the unsubscribe button, then you will see a message stating that you have been successfully unsubscribe f...