How to improve inbox delivery rate

Are you delivering your emails directly to your customers' inbox? Not sure? Then cotinue reading further this article. We have some tips to guide you and improve inbox deliverabiilty.

Remove bounced emails from your list

Monitor your email campaigns reguarly and check the percentage of email bounces of your campaigns. High bounce rate will not yield any result to you but it will even impact your overall deliverability rate. When email is not delivered to an address, it will bounce back to "Reply-To" address. Make it regular practice to identify the bounced email addresses permanently from your list and don't include them for your next campaing. Doing this not only improve your domain / IP reputation but also improves delivery percentage of your campaigns. 

In some cases, you will get Soft Bounced email addresses from MSP. It could occur if recipient's inbox is full or in case of vaction auto responder or even due to the content in your email. You can take technical  help from your team to identify and filter Hard Bounced email addresses permanently from your list.

Don't use purchased or rented database

It may tempt everyone to use purchased email database or renting subscribers list from a different company to do an email campaign. This approach will even impact your total email deliverability when you send emails to unsolicited subscribers. When users receive unitentional email they tend to clik or mark your email as SPAM. MSPs (Mail Service Providers) continuously monitor the health of your email campaigns and take necessary action when spam rate is increased for your campaign. There is no yardstick that every MSP follows to measure the spam rate, but in idle scenario don't make your spam rate exceed more than 0.1 percent.


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