11 Sure Tips to significantly improve your email click through rates

It is a well known magic that Email Marketing is great channel to connect with customers, sponsors or prospects and everyone else to expand your business or organisation.

But have you known of sure that the emails or the newsletter sent by you have done a good job in capturing the reader's mind and heart, then the answer is not sure. Fortunately, you have taken enough steps to make more clients open your emails, but you are shocked to notice your zero conversion rates with your great and opened emails.

How this happened? You think, lost your creativity and career with this email marketing. Don’t give up just like that, MailGoes Email Marketing team is there to help you all possible tips to increase your click through rates. It only needs some fine tuning.

Getting a email opened from the reader's inbox and getting read by them requires some fine arts, and it is gradual for you to miss some fine tuning tips. Keep in practice these tips to find out what influences CTR to increase your brand reputation.

1) Great subject lines:
We lead a mechanical life, so your customers will not spend much time reading your email. Try to keep the matter or the content short, simple, crispy and easily understood. This way you can minimise the time of your reader to analyse the content and help the reader to make decision to read the email. Place the key elements at the top of the message; it must be prominent to the readers to subscribe.

2) Send email on a particular time:
When people are in a hurry like, going to office, or on a Monday morning, returning home, bed time, surely will not show interest to read your perfect content email. So it is highly impossible to upgrade your click rates at these timings. According to MailGoes Email Marketing research team, your customers are likely to open their inbox during a short talk period like before or after lunch break, tea break or in the pantries. Studies have proved those to be the peak hours. Hence analyse your send timings accordingly.

3) Make it mobile friendly:
Accepting the fact that we all are mobile lovers, smart and Android phones are handy and cheap. First opens are made on mobiles by maximum users. You should be sure that your content is effective for mobile users. If there is a cut off in the email content on the mobile screen, then to avoid such factors, minimise your subject lines by replacing it with important words.

4) Target users touch point:
Yours is email marketing, where your business entirely depends upon the customer's satisfaction and relationship. To maintain this you should allow your readers to know you better, like you, and believe you. This can be achieved by addressing them as near and dear ones, signing off with a friendly note, adds not only a personal touch to your clients, improves your brand name, reputation and helps to retain your customers.

5) What was I thinking of:
We all love to be one out of hundred rather than one among hundred, make your customers feel that they are privileged and you give them special offers to treat them specially. Focus on individual customers and tell them clearly what you can do specially for them.

6) Don’t tell, visualize them:
Which one is the best option, to read the entire enriched content with all details or to see the image explaining the whole content? You always prefer the latter one. Ideal visuals make better and eye catching emails. This is why because visuals make your customer to understand the content more easily. This is valuable for clients who prefer to scan rather than reading the entire content.

7) Keep a check on your competitors:
You might have heard from our fathers that when you want to get successes, it is necessary to keep an eye on your competitors. Well, the same rule can be applied to Email marketing techniques.

Dare to do something new. Instead of believing your analytical skills of how your competitors are able to perform, keep a close watch of what they are doing to stay in connected with their customers. The list is endless of what you can watch out for social sharing options, frequency, style, design, coupons and discounts, new arrivals, content, subject heads and so on.

8) Focused Call to Action:
After sending emails to your clients about your service or products, you should efficiently sell you to them; this is perfectly achieved by the CTA (Call to Action). If you don’t have a planned CTA, like what the clients have to do after reading your emails, then your work is of no use. CTA can be links, texts, images, videos, buttons, clicks or anything which is clear to interests customers.

9) Be Specific about the footer:
In any email marketing, the brand comes up new challenges and competition. To be tough to your competitors, have a short and superb climax. Perform a clear CTA in the footer, it might include about coupons, discounts, or any new offers. Never forget to keep your short and not loaded with needless information.

10) Have a resourceful header:
You have noticed a brief extract of content that appears on top of the email or few lines below your subject in the inbox. This is the prominent summary observed by your readers of what you offer. It is highly resourceful, be specific with the header as most of your emails are being opened on mobiles.

11) Watch Your words:
You have created a email with great content, added images to visualize them, and now time has come to start a conversation. Give them the snapshots of your service or product and don’t forget to stop in the middle of the conversation by adding a "Read more" button and see how wonders happen.

The competition is tough for every brand that comes into the market, so getting your emails opened and read is a challenge won, as no one wishes to read all of the emails in their inbox. This is all about how you implement your tactics in performing these tasks. Grab these tips and get into practice for more Clicks through Rates. Still not clear or for any queries feel free to contact MailGoes Team.




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