Rings to bind for a successful marketing programme

Each and every day we find one or more upcoming business that use email marketing, and we hear many success stories of those who implemented simple creative ideas like email campaigns design; layout, landing pages and visuals etc, that have lead them to the doors of success. When you are not able to achieve of what you have planned for then, you will hear many of the words like:

  • Why have not you?
  • You might have done like this.....?
  • You must.......
  • You should....
  • It would be the best idea if.......
  • If I were you then I would have not........
  • You should probably...........

These are the most common advice that you will get to hear from your friends, relatives, partners, well wishers and most probably almost from everyone you know.

"You should be the king of your dreams or else you will be hired by others to be the minister of their dreams". Remember it is all how you start your business, how you project it and how you expand your business is how you tend to bind these three rings matters. The firms which are successful in marketing obviously have a strong and creative marketing plan. Again this depends; large scale companies might have this marketing plan in a hundred sheets whereas the small scale companies might have this in ten sheets. But it is clear that to be successful, it is necessary that your company should have a marketing plan.

Before you plan to maintain a relationship with your customers, you should be able to convey the relationship of your marketing plan with that of your business or vision like in what way it is related as it is only boon available to charm out what you wanted to do and what you don't want to. It includes all like the staffing, finance, strategies and even your ultimate goals.

Creating a business, managing it and growing it require planning and teamwork. Starting up a business is not a one man show. You need to prioritize your goals, process it with procedures and then involve your team to work on it accordingly to reach your desired goals.

  • Plan what you want to do to achieve your company goals, look at your company's current market situation. This will give you a clear idea of what changes can be made to meet the desired goals.
  • Analyse the current reports and pick up the advantages like which product attracts most of your customers? What makes your customers to get attracted to your competitor's products? Track the weak points in your business and analyse the strength of your competitors to come up with better ideas.
  • Know where to target, whom to target, determine their needs which will give you a clear idea of where, why and how to advertise your product.
  • Gather a team and assign roles of what needs to be done? Make them to feel responsible for marketing your business in the very best way. Analyse and determine correctly of who will fit for each role in marketing your business.
  • Determine the right strategic plans to target the right customers like those who do not know about your business, those who have tasted your brand and those who are really interested in what you are selling them.
  • Calculate the resources you need which includes staffing, finance and technology.

Once you have developed all these, you have to follow the process, implement the procedures and determine what you should do to meet your goals and to reach the needs of your customers. 

Determine and analyse your goals:
Each and every company have different goals and varied requirements. In order to achieve something, first you should know your goals of what you want to achieve. When you know of what you want then only it would be easy for you to achieve.

Without the determination of clear goals, it would be really hard for you to determine of what to achieve, where to start and how to start.

Just imagine, if you have planned for achieving 50% open rates in your campaigns, when your email campaigns stands only with 30% then does it really show you where you stand and how much of percentage you have got succeeded? Hence when you have clear goals then it would show you where you are currently in terms of success. Likewise the same way what email content might interest your targeted customers? How segmentation will work out? Does your visuals are up to the mark? All these will surely help you to know the difference with success rates.

When you have planned to expand your business, the first and foremost step is including as much data as you can will surely rewards. Again this depends because building up an email data by optimizing all your customers is not an easy task. But when you approach and when you have really initiated to do then that surely rewards.

Incorporating multiple channels:
Incorporating one social network and communicating with that to your customers is good but customers like to interact with different channels hence incorporating multiple channels and coordinating with customers through those will enhance customer satisfaction.

Remember starting a business and projecting it requires a lot of ground and home work like what you can do, how you can do and when you can do. When you are able to fulfil the needs of above question then you have done well in starting up a business plan. Expanding and growing your business involves risk and commitment but when you are capable of managing it then surely you will achieve something. It will not happen fast, it takes a pretty long time but know that all large businesses have started somewhere with something.


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