How to take care of Yahoo subscribers

Communication is a vast subject to discuss about. In great old days, one to one communication - where a message is conveyed only between two persons, later letters, land phones, mobiles and now emails. Technology has made people to live more comfortably. Nowadays emails are the best communication channel where a message is conveyed from one to many - nearly ten, hundreds, thousands and even more. But again this number is limited by giant ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail to improve their service and to provide security to their clients.

Today we will discuss about the giant domain Yahoo
Recently Yahoo has come up with a little change to their account holders stating that who have not opened their accounts for least once in a period of 12 months will lose their accounts permanently. Such inactive addresses will be released and is made available to someone to register with Yahoo from August 2015.

How would this issue affect your email campaigns, email delivery and spam complaints? How to rectify this issue? Here are some of the suggestions to deal this.

An inactive Yahoo account affects email delivery
Yahoo subscribers who have not accessed their email accounts over a period of 12 months will be released and the users would no longer be able to use their accounts. In that case, if your send your email campaigns to such inactive addresses, your campaigns would encounter a hard bounce. The more the hard bounce rate, the more is the negative impact on your reputation score. This will make your email campaigns to get land in the spam folder of your interested Yahoo subscribers.

An inactive Yahoo accounts increases spam complaints
From August 2015, the inactive Yahoo addresses are now available to someone else to register as valid Yahoo subscriber.

For example, if your subscriber ABC’s email address is signed up your email newsletter and after 12 months of inactivity, the same email addresses is now used by XYZ. Now if you send your email campaigns to the very old address then it would be considered as spam. Because the XYZ has not subscribed for your email newsletters, eventually he would mark your emails as spam. A number of spam complaints would negatively affect your future email deliverability rates. These rates would make your emails to land in spam folders instead of Yahoo inboxes.

How to rectify?
Rectifying this issue is relatively simple and easy. You just need to start with your email list cleaning process to maintain its hygiene. Segment and isolate the Yahoo subscribers who have not responded to your newsletters in over 12 months or more, keep the subscribers apart from your email database to avoid bounce rates and spam complaints in future.

Plan re-activation campaigns
Before deleting your inactive Yahoo subscribers, send them a re-activation email campaign to give them a chance to subscribe for your newsletter. Some might open your emails and might become active. But make sure that your subject lines are attractive enough and your sender name should be recognizable.

What happens on neglecting?
If you neglect on isolating your inactive Yahoo subscribers then you are at a risk of high bounce rates and spam complaints which eventually decreases your email deliverability rates by making your email campaigns to land in spam folders instead of inbox. Due to this your MailGoes account might be suspended.

If you need assistance, please contact MailGoes support team.


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