Avoid these common mistakes in Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective and profitable process when performed in a perfect manner. But most of marketers would think that it to be simple and proceed with the process without following the guidelines and checklist taking into considerations where you land with more bounce rates, and spam rates which will bring your reputation to the down line and business to the bottom line.

What does the word expert mean?
The word expert mean, a person who is highly skilful in a particular subject. There is a saying "don't cry over spilt milk", likewise crying after hitting the send button is good for nothing. Email marketing is an expert process which can be handled better by the experts. So leave it in the hands of ESPs to take care of things and you concentrate on the sales ratio.

Create a strong bond
Email marketing is the well defined and evolutionary media to communicate with the customers. Social medias like TV, Radio, and Newspaper have come up with sales which are one to one or one to many, but clients who love technology have moved online to meet their requirements. Hence email marketers have been given a chance to innovate and to move from sales to creating a bond for long time relationship and to engage them for future communication. So move on with a strong bond of relationship for a long time.

No unsubscribe option
Just imagine, you got into scary house once in a mall, you enjoyed enough and when you want to return, if you don't know where to exit. Then how pity it is? Likewise your client, once subscribe your newsletter and now receiving too many of them from your end and now he want to quit but doesn't know how to do? It is pity. Right? Don't ever force your client to be with you, give them options to decide. Provide an unsubscribe link for your client to opt out and in return, request him to give reasons why he wanted to opt out for future rectification.

Know about CAN-SPAM act and to take prior permission
CAN-SPAM act was launched in 2003 and signed into law by President George Bush, and it stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornogarphy And Marketing. According to this act, the email newsletters by the senders are verified for legal communication or illegal piece of work. If your email newsletter doesn't come under those rules created by them, then your email newsletter will be sent to the spam folder. To avoid such traps, send your newsletter after getting prior permission from your clients. If you don't have permission based list, create one.

Spell check
Most commonly done is the spelling mistake, while typing the newsletter; these are the most commonly occurred mistakes. Hence before sending your email newsletter, check your template with a spell check and send accordingly. Sending emails with spelling mistakes will put off your clients permanently.

Imperfect subject lines

  • The first and foremost lines which your client notices are the subject lines or the content of your newsletter, so keep it highly informative.
  • The reader can spend only few seconds in reading your newsletter, so put it short and simple for him to understand better.
  • Customer does not want you to drag the information, so keep it to the point and explain him sharply of what it is all about.

Test and analyse
When you have done with all the required information, test your newsletter for the layouts, formats, size, images etc to be perfect. In case of any rectification to be carried out, it would not cost you much. But before testing it, if you have hit the send button and then the rectification of your resources and time is impossible. Test, test and keep testing for accuracy and for better results.

Indefinite Call To Action
You will feel happy after creating a perfect template and your email landed in the inbox safely. But this is not the end to be relaxed. Sending your email and landing in your client's inbox alone doesn't fetch results. There should be definite Call To action to perform by the client like "make an appointment", "set a free trial" and etc. That is for what you have sent him your newsletter. So don't forget to design Call To Action buttons attractively. Be clear and guide your clients sharply of what he needs to do in taking up your service or to opt your products.

Lengthy newsletters
Your newsletter should follow the format KISS that is Keep it Short and Simple. You don't create your newsletter to tell stories or to explain an event. You want to pitch your product or service offered by you to your client. Hence make it to the point about the promotions offered. Convey him about the new arrivals, offers and coupons if any. Let him understand your product simply and tell him how to get it in your web page.

Segmentation rewards
Segmenting your contact lists in terms of sales does more good to analyse your results and to get more sales in terms of numbers. You know about the sales ratio, 80:20 rules. That is you will get 80% of sales from 20% of your clients. So segment your clients into the following: like genuine customers, interested customers, new customers and uninterested customers.

  • For genuine customers offers and discounts might not interest them. Simply treat them as special and privileged and turn into converters of many clients.
  • For interested and newly arrived customers offer them coupons and discounts to make them happy.
  • Try uninterested clients for reengaging them, this might work, if not wash out from the list. Segmenting your list allows you to work and analyse accordingly.

Try HTML and text versions

There was a day, where only text versions had an upper hand. But now, time passed out and HTML came into progress to make emails colourful and attractive. But the main drawback with HTML versions are that they are heavy and take too much of time to load, meanwhile the customer gets irritated and hit delete button or spam button. To avoid this to happen, create your email newsletter by using both text and HTML versions to organise better.

These are the most common mistakes done in email marketing and it is also simple to rectify them. In case you are not able to find a rectification process for the mistakes encountered in your email marketing campaigns, then ask a helping hand from MailGoes support team.


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