How to increase opt-in list

If you ask any digital marketers, what is the ultimate key to success? They all come up with a standard answer – grow your list or build a resourceful list. But how to increase permission based list? For this you don’t have to do magic, only thing is that you need to know certain important things to capitalize on email features to grow your customers and to generate good list and business.

Let us have a look from the basics to get refreshed.

Simplify your email subscription form
The most common reason to increase opt-ins is the simplification of opt-in process as much as possible. Make the user friendly and time saving process, which means there should be very few clicks. This way you can put an opt-in form on every page without providing any link to another page which disturbs browsing experience. MailGoes team have analysed best results when the subscription button has been given on the TOP right section of the webpage, it distracts bit when it is given at the bottom of the page since the users feel exhausted to scroll down to subscribe.

Encourage users to sign up
Great content with valuable and relevant information to your readers play a key role in increasing your subscribers list. But there are certain questions to ask yourself. Why? And How? Why users want to subscribe your proposal and how it is done. They will do so when you offer them something valuable in return. It is important for your targeted clients to know what they will get on subscribing your email. By this your subscription rate and your brand reputation will be increased.

  • Offer e-books, discount coupons
  • One month free subscription works well
  • Offer tools and tips to run their business successfully

Don’t trouble them

The subscription form or the opt-in button should not pop out in bright colours on every page making the users irritated and don’t ever force them to view the relevant part of the website. Such cunning tactics will only test their patience and make them to leave the page. A user has given his/her valuable time for you to explain them about your service and to understand their requirements, so learn to respect it.

Monitor your work
The most important aspect of all your efforts is to have a close watch on them, no matter how much efforts you have put in your creation but monitoring and making slight changes will yield you fantastic results. The lifeblood of any creation or business lies in customer satisfaction and relationship. For this, monitor your work and keep testing it for better ratios. Article content, images, colors, fonts, size, orientation and all other factors needs monitoring.

Go through these four tips, I hope you would not require much effort to know what will work for you. Put these into practice to see your amazing conversion rates.


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