Best days to send email newsletters

The most cost effective solution in this century is Email marketing, when used properly this can work as a fantastic tool in your business toolbox to achieve the desired results. This paves way to brief actions, accessing outputs and to improve your business performance by spending less time span and resources. All you need to do is to see how great your content and when to sell your product is.

We, MailGoes Email Marketing have put up all our experience to guide you by sharing our knowledge and extremity.

When to shoot your Emails
In sales/marketing, there is no such time spans to state clearly when a customer will be interested, it is really hard to know about one’s mood swings. In considering general facts: Monday is not a good option, many of them starting to plan their week’s work of how to reach their targets specified. Again Friday does not work, as most of them have come up to weekend mood as soon as they checks out of working hours. All postpone their work to Monday. Then how about Saturdays? Very good answer to wave off it, people like to spend out with their families. Then remaining days are:

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

These are considered to be promising days to sell your promotional ideas. Research studies have also come up with the same story to be better to send emails.

What about Sundays
In the great old days, people used work for 6 days and Sunday is left to take rest. But with the improving technology people liked to work only 5 days and Saturday to spend with their family and Sunday for their friends. So nowadays, for email marketers, Sunday seems to be the favourable option as most of them likes to meet their friends, check and send mails, paying online bills and banking. Really thank the smart phones and technology developers. Now it is the time for you start, send your emails during the specified week days and remind your clients on Sundays about the same. It does not mean that you need to follow the way given. Do it as situation demands, sensibly.

Frequently posting
Everybody might have a question like how frequently an email can hit your users’ inbox, the answer is definitely depends upon you. It is entirely your wish to post your service but you should follow some practices to avoid customers’ inconvenience.

Don’t go beyond regrettable
When your mails hit too often your users inbox, then naturally user gets irritated and will never turn up to your offers.

  • You will lose your reputation and resources.
  • Your “Spam Rates” increases, even though your product has the ability to catch users.
  • Ultimately, this is a waste of time for you to send mails, where those are kept unread unwillingly.

Don’t go far apart

  • To maintain a good relationship with your customers, you should make them well-acquainted about the service or the product offered by your email newsletter.
  • Don’t expect your customer to follow sequential buying process.
  • Customer may forget you by the time and hit the spam button, increasing your spam rates.
  • Customer will express bitterness that you are least bothered to get his interest.

You all might have read that “Forgetfulness is the best option given by God to humans”, this best applies in email marketing also. Don’t give too much space to your clients, be near to them watching their requirements, and put your needs accordingly.

Process your emails to hit inbox more frequently and not less than once a month
This is the clever option to push your newsletter, don’t give way to your customer to forget about your campaigns. Give a short space in between your campaigns for them to think sharply whether to subscribe or unsubscribe from your service.

Use of autoresponders
Autoresponder is a feature that automatically responds when predefined condition meets to your customer’s interaction. Make use of this for effective campaigns.

  • It helps to put forward your campaign plans.
  • It allows you to combine different acts by sending variable mails on distinct days.
  • By this you can build excellent results.

With these discussions, it is up to you how often and at what intervals you send your newsletters. Practicing a schedule makes you trustworthy by increasing your reputation and sales.


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