How to boost up your email conversation rates

Email marketing is the best performing online marketing these days and this is not going to change until and unless the technology stops growing. Which is not going to happen in this decade. Email marketing is getting wider day by day with new outputs, new strategies, and with new tracking tools. But the final judgement of any email marketing campaign is the results that are the overall business done by the company. This entirely depends upon the sales. But how do you increase sales? This is achieved best by increasing the conversion rates of the email newsletter. Let's have a look at the key points to maximize the conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns.

Put your sign up form in the best opted position
Signup form is the most essential and critical point in the email marketing tool kit. Mastering the signup form yields best results. The journey of email from the inbox to the signup form undergoes a number of critical issues, once entered then it is a conversion. Having multiple signup forms is considered to the best idea for gaining excellent results. Everybody is different and have different specifications. Which one will interest entirely depends up on the individual criteria.

1) Create multiple signup form - one big (button type), leading them to the landing page and the other small (link).
2) Place one at the top and the other at the bottom or one in the middle and the other at the bottom. Whichever way you think it to be comfortable and visible for the client.
3) Your email newsletter should be informative.
4) Provide perfect and immediate Call to Action
5) Make the signup process easy with only two steps.
6) Decide according to content demands of whether to keep the signup form on all pages or limit only to the title page. However it is not going to fetch results if you have your signup box on the sales page.

If you have learnt all the basics like creating a genuine email address list and have grouped all interested clients, then here are some essential tips to increase your conversion rates which automatically hype your sales ratio.

Perfect subject lines to increase open rates
The content or the subject lines are the first and foremost points that your customer come across. With the subject lines the client will conclude of to keep up the relationship with you or not. While crafting your subject lines, you should use exact words to arouse curiosity in the users to read further on. This leads to the successful open rates.

The reader can spend only few seconds in reading your email. Hence it is highly essential for you to make your content simple but informative. Tell your clients of what your promotion is for in the title clearly and give a break in the middle of the subject and put "read more" option or "to continue" to arouse curiosity in them. Do experiments in all aspects as to check which one will work best for your campaign.

Segment and test to increase click through rates
Click through rates are nothing but the conversion rates. If you have achieved attaining the click through rates then you have neared the success. The enriched content is the boon given to attain click through rates. Once you are successful in engaging your clients with your content, then your work is done. But to achieve this, you need to segment your list and create separate content to attract clients differently as each and every one have their own interests and specifications.

You can segment the list based on many factors like: gender, age, hobbies, location and etc. There are other examples to do segmentation:
1) Invite them to fill signup or to update their profile.
2) Conduct an online survey.
3) Make them to fill subscription checklist while they purchase out anything.

Segmentation can be done with open rates and click through rates. This allows you to have knowledge exactly how many of them open your email, how many of them read it and how many of them are actually turn up for subscription. You might have come across this policy "DIVIDE AND RULE", this applies best in attaining click through rates. Create apt subject lines for segmented clients to trigger up their interests and track the results to see what works best for your company.

Add a Personal touch to increase conversion rates
Personalizing your content is the most important aspect as it creates a friendly relationship with your clients and strengthens your bond. To achieve this, there are certain key points to consider:

1) Send emails with your client name and end up with your signature, as it shows that they are privileged and special. Sending email with their name creates curiosity and will read the email to know for what they have addressed for.
2) Send your newsletter with your photo, name and position. To make them to know who you are and what you are.
3) If you don't want to deliberate, then send emails with your company profile picture or logo by which your clients would be able to identify your brand name.
4) Depending upon the product or the promotional offer let your team members to give signature for different email newsletter.

Designing your landing page
Don't land up your web page with too many promotional offers, as it creates confusion for the clients as what to opt for, ultimately increasing your unsubscribe rates. Give them information about one product and provide them clear cut Call to Action process of what they need to do sharply to attain your service. Create separate web pages for separate email newsletter to promote other products to avoid confusions.

Attaining email conversion might not be an easy task but performing all other steps like crafting subject lines, grab the attention of the users by adding a personal touch to the content you will surely rise up your open rates and click through rates which paves way to increase conversion rates.

I hope you have succeeded in gaining knowledge on how to increase conversion rates by making minor changes in the practices.


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