Guidelines to boost email campaign conversion rates

Let's talk about the issue first, how many emails do you receive in a day and how many of them you normally have a glance and how many of them you generally delete or send to trash folder? Now clear it off, how many you open and how many you read and how many you click on the link? Email marketing is the most expanding industry or channel these days. Email marketing is the best to introduce marketers to buyers and capable of driving sales. But the most important is that your email campaigns should stand out among the rest.

Do you know crafting subject lines and content requires a lot of skills and it is an art of differentiating sales with that of scrape. Think what will make your campaign to get distinguished in the crowd. It might be a layout, design, subject lines or content, whatever it might be think before you hit the send whether you have satisfied all the features to grab the attention of users in a better way. If you want to be a successful email marketer then you should be an attention seeker, only then you would be able to achieve desired results.

Here are some of the most practised techniques that would create hype in your conversion rates.

Add a personal touch:
We all know why email marketing is said to be an effective channel. This is because of its personalization zone. It is most important and awesome communication channel where you would be able to communicate with hundreds of people at a time. Even though you communicate with a large group, still your emails should have some personal tone to keep up your client's attention. Internet users generally receive emails on their phones, desktops, laptops and tablets. Whatever might be the medium, you should know to target their interest points by maintaining your personal tone throughout your email campaign. You might address it thousands of them but while each and every person opens your email, they should feel that it is made for them and your email is actually designed to communicate with them only. Remember that, at the other end also a person is opening your email not a robot hence as you feel connected when someone is writing personally to you so do your clients.

Be regular with your numbers:
We humans forget time, date, year and also about numbers more frequently. Hence maintain a consistency in sending or delivering your email campaigns. Once in a week or two, you are at a risk of your subscribers forgetting your brand name, promotions, offers, coupons and even subscribing for your service at the most. Each and every time it is difficult to remind yourself to your clients. As long as you are capable of sending relevant, valuable and informative campaigns then your email campaigns are sure to get attention and click-through. Design your email campaigns according to the interest of your clients. When your clients have opted for daily newsletters, there is nothing wrong in doing so. Likewise know their liabilities and then get going with that.

Keep your subject lines relevant:
It is very simple, when your email campaigns are not opened then naturally they are not going to get any conversions. When you have a high open rate then you can judge about your click through rates. Spending a little extra time on writing your email subject lines does wonders in terms of success rates. Use curiosity and benefit words to encourage your users to open your emails. Using both the words might yield even more sales. Making your subject lines attractive and curious enough to open your campaigns and make your content beneficial for your users of what they would get and in what way it would benefit them.

Track, test and analyse are the most important keys in email marketing. If you find your email campaigns would work with different subject lines then go for it and analyse what would work best for your campaigns.

Analyse the length of your email campaign:
There are few stories like shorter campaigns are better and longer campaigns are found to even better in terms of sales and numbers. But it is purely depends on the marketer and on the targeted clients. Think what works best for your campaigns, if you are comfortable with shorter emails then go for it and vice versa. It is up to you, if you feel that your clients are good with that of longer email campaigns then go for it or shorter is best then go for it. Know to judge your clients interest, if you feel that your clients are interested in reading your longer email campaigns then see to it that it holds and converts.

Judge what to test:
Generally email marketers guess what to test. This is not the best option as guess works always backfires. They have little impact on the conversion rates. Mostly consider your output to judge your results. In order to perfect it, consider the revenue attached with the each test and analyse the numbers and rank it accordingly. There are many things to put on test like the layouts, headlines or subject lines, offer, coupons, discounts, content and so on.

Craft engaging stories:
We all love stories and of course stories are legends. From our childhood days, we love reading and listening to stories. Likewise in email marketing, when you are using the same old formats for conveying a message to your clients then you are boring them. Try implementing new stories to engage your customers in a better way to achieve the best results. You can find drastic changes in sales score when you tell stories to your clients about the manufacturing techniques of the product, review points, success stories and so on.

Put only one at a time:
The most common mistake made by all email marketers is that they want to know about collective information which is not good and it is not going to yield results. You might design your campaigns with multiple products or with an event and a product and asking reviews about them with your clients will not render exact score. When you design your campaigns with a single motive then those campaigns are found to be good for analysing your campaign score. This will let you to decide which one works best for your campaigns. Hence don't load your clients mind with too many things which they might forget. Focus only one at a time which will be easier to track, test and to judge your campaign efficiency.

Generate sequences:
We generally look for climax when we start something. Likewise in email marketing people want to know about the end product. Hence try to put up sequences at front to gain the attention of your clients. For example: how to lose belly fat? Part 1 to 5. This will be welcomed by almost all internet users and they readily know that this have nearly 5 parts and they will wait for your emails. This generally drives sales score as you have gained their interest levels.

Remind them about your service:
This is the most important key factor in email marketeting. We all know one day or the other your client's subscription might go stale. Remind them about the same when they have not responded for the past 6 months and encourage them for reactivation campaigns. If they brought a product or subscribed for your product, then know the expiry date and remind them about the renewal to keep in touch with you.

Make your renewal form easier and available at all pages so that they won't miss this at any point of time. These emails can also be automated which is the best option to make your clients to keep on top of your customers’ buying cycle.

Use of large buttons for call to action:
Don't use links or formatted images, as call to action buttons. They might not interest your clients as they love to check their emails on mobile phone, desktops etc. It is accepted that all clients wants to check their emails on mobile, desktops, laptops etc. Hence use of large, visible and attractive buttons for your call to actions will work out best. Try these buttons with different formats, shades, size and colour to judge your readers attention and to guide them to your prepared decision.

This is the last and final technique which we like to convey you "NEVER QUIT".

Quitting is fear, quitting is coward, quitting is losing, quitting is accepting failure, you should be brave enough to accept the challenge to stand still in email marketing to gain trust of your clients. This can be achieved by constantly testing your email campaigns and by analysing what works best for your campaigns.

Focus on your clients interests, reduce anxiety and make your campaigns as simple as possible to avoid all unnecessary information. Before you hit the send button try to answer "YES" for the following questions:

  • Are my campaigns are simple enough to motivate clients?
  • Are my campaigns are capable of taking readers to conversions?
  • Are my campaigns are well benefited for the clients?

If it is honestly YES then you will achieve your desired conversions. If any one answer is NO then better go back and work out the issue and hit the send button to drive sales score.


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