Guidelines to create successful mobile campaigns

We are in a world of technology; the technology lovers always have a specific place for mobiles in their world. Since mobiles play an important role in your day to day life, almost all time taking operations like shopping, banking, paying bills, checking mails etc are being done in seconds. Really thank the creative people. Now this is the turn for digital marketers to prove what wonders can be done by them to lead a successful mobile campaign.

Targeting interactive posters:
Mobile users have different requirements under different time scale, they like to swipe and tap instead to scroll and click and that is why Android and smartphones have stolen users’ heart. Because of this habit they are likely to respond to different arrivals and offers. Hence it is the most favorable channel for the digital marketers to campaign. Many successful brands (Apple, Nokia, and Samsung) have recognized this and have got successes in launching advertising and marketing services. The idea behind this is to make the expandable postures and make more interactive choices so that the message can be easily accepted by the users.

Awesome gaming options:
Games can engage almost all age types. This seems to be the most successful path in mobile campaign to expertise your brand. Games are being addictive as they have a capacity to interact with the senses like nothing else, and have a higher recall value. Hence the digital marketers can have a lavish use of this to take the gamification concept to move further to create habit-forming games to be the carriers of initial message to capture the minds of your users.

Image blocking superiority:
This is the most common and handy feature used almost by everyone for desktop and mobile users. But for certain mobile campaigns which entirely relay on their visuals and images to catch the attention of their viewers, then this would be a big head ache. There are more solved solutions for this, but being more creative will wash out all such cases. Think what can be done, like you can make use of ALT text outstanding so that the users will know what they are missing and also you can make use of HTML/CSS mode like more companies do when their visuals are blocked, which gives out a picture of the visuals by drawing colored boxes. This is all about how your message get to the clients is what finally important.

Picture format animations or GIF animations:
If you are into building an expert mobile campaign, and are failing due to the corrosion of video in your mobile then animated GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) can be of great help. The size and the space accumulation might be large but the perfect presentation always captures the hearts of users more readily. You can use such formats on landing pages and social media platforms, but be careful not to overload such formats for better results.

I hope you have understood the fact that the mobile marketing have came forward from SMS. I have given you the 4 guidelines to keep in practice for creating a successful mobile campaign. For any assistance and queries do contact MailGoes team and we are happy to hear your views and comments on this article.


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