Happy birthday email campaigns

Have you ever thought why birthday campaigns should be a part of email marketing? Because they work, we all love to celebrate birthdays. When we hear someone wishing us on our birthday, really we feel happy. When someone gifts us something on your birthday, really we get surprised. When we get any special offers to show privilege, really our happiness will reach the sky. This is why birthday campaigns should be a part of email marketing. It is all about pampering your clients. Birthday campaigns have higher open and click through rates compared to that of regular email promotions.

When birthday campaigns are of so effective and successful in driving up sales then there is nothing wrong on concentrating. This article will help you to create best birthday campaigns to make your clients happy, happier and happiest.

How to start?
What are birthdays? Birthday is a remembrance, honouring, magnificent and festival or ceremony. Keep these words in your mind while designing birthday campaigns. You should be able to make your clients remember you by giving them gifts, make it a honourable moment with your good wishes, make it look magnificent by offering coupons and discounts to be specially privileged and make it a memorable one like a festival or ceremony. Whatever it might be, make it easy for them to redeem.

Make it a surprise

Give them something that they cannot say no to you. Your offers or gifts or coupons should be really valuable and irresistible which they would not resist in taking up from you. Send it on account of their birthday and give them enough time of about a month to redeem it.

You can also design a coupon and send them on or before birthday and ask them to scratch it to reveal their coupon offer of 10% or 20% or 30% which will encourage your clients to get something from you.

We all love gifts, that too on birthdays we will be double happier. Hence design some freebies for your clients on their birthdays and ask them to come to your store to claim this free gift.

You can also provide them free coupon code to get their gifts online. The free gift might be anything to make your clients happy. It might be a small sticker or something to see a smile on their face.

You can also offer them some discounts to acquire a minimum purchase from them. This will work out better as this is of a win-win policy.

On their birthday, clear out all obstacles like shipping charges or delivery charges. When you find some purchases on account of their birthday in that month then waving off shipping and delivery charges for that month would really make them happy.

Best practises of birthday campaigns
Best practises in the sense, some good habits to achieve success rates. You might have many questions like when to send birthday wishes, like whether on the birthday date or before? Should we send follow up emails, whether they like to redeem their birthday gift or not? These are all general questions and this article will give you exact answers for you to conduct the best birthday campaigns.

Wishing them on their birthday date

Almost all of us will enjoy the moment when everybody wishes us on our birthday rather before or after. Hence to make that moment a memorable one it is better to send out your campaigns on their birthday to make them feel that you have not forgotten their birthday.

Sending some offers or coupons and to make them redeem your gifts or to take advantage, you need to do follow up which will make them even happier as still you remember them about their birthday gift. This will make them to be loyal for your brand and like to be closer to your company as they feel it to be their friends. It is all about adding a friendly touch to make your clients intact. This will surely generate higher open, click through conversion and revenue per emails.

Use of email automation or auto-responders
It is highly difficult for you to remember all your subscribers' birthdays. Hence it is best option to take help by email automations which will readily send greetings when designed conditions are met. When the subscriber's birthday arrives then this automation will readily send them birthday greetings without fail.

Personalize your campaigns
When you want to give a birthday card to your friend, naturally you go the store, select card and personalize it and then you give it to him or her. Likewise in email marketing, while sending birthday emails to your subscribers you need to personalize the subject lines. Subject lines are the eye catches of your email campaigns. Hence address your subject lines with the name of the subscriber rather than talking about your offer or gift.

When you personalize your emails with their name and purpose for it, then your emails are more likely to get opened. Once you learn to segment and target clients, then personalization will be easier for you to carry out in a better way.

Prominent CTAs
Call-to-Actions are said to be most important to convey what you expect your clients to do. Birthday emails are also part of it for requiring a prominent call to action button. You should tell your clients what they should do to take advantage of their offers, coupons or discounts. Make those buttons attractive and action oriented ones.

Keep your content to the point
Unlike your normal email campaigns, it is not necessary to give them an elaborate information about the product or anything that is put for sale. But birthday emails main purpose is to wish your clients a happy birthday and to convey them to redeem their birthday gift, nothing more is needed. Hence cut short your content and put it right to the point without wasting your time as well as your client’s.

Celebrate like a festive
Birthdays are special, birthdays are fun, and birthdays are to be a memorable moment. Hence to make it a memorable one, make your birthday emails look like a ceremony and make them feel like a festive. Think creatively, add more colours, personalize text, prominent CTA to redeem their gifts and just make it to look like a party with balloons, flowers, cakes and decorative to make them happy. See to it that your birthday emails stands out from the rest of your campaigns.

The simplest way to lay foundation for a strong bond of relationship with your clients is by making birthday campaigns as a part of your email campaigns. It will naturally grab attention, improves open and click through rates and boosts ROI and reputation rates. Make it creative and allow your creativity to make your subscribers happy. Birthday emails works out best because of their relevance and personalization. Before you carry out with these campaigns, do some homework, know to segment and target your clients in a better way.


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