Techniques to do upsell in email marketing

Not only email marketers, every business wants to get more profit or to do more business in terms of sales. That would be the ultimate goal of all small scale and large scale businesses. But how would it be possible? Upselling, what does it mean? The easiest way to increase sales is to sell to your existing customers. As they have experienced or tasted your brand, they know who you are and what you are when they first opened their wallet. They started trusting you from the first purchase itself and hence they are likely to open their wallet again and again.

Remember, before you get along with upselling, you should know your existing customers choices, interests and needs so that you can nail them up perfectly. This is considered to the best tip in improving your sales from current customers rather than prospects. There are many reasons for your current customers to stick around you.

Think for a while, why does you miss this opportunity which you have right in front of you? Sending campaigns to the customers who know about you and who like to hear from you would benefit you more than searching for prospects for your email campaigns.

Email upselling is the most awesome and cost effective channel to increase sales ratio by targeting the existing group of customers who you know that they would be interested in your offering.

An average user is being bombarded with too many emails to grab their attention. But how you would be able to make your email stand out from the rest is what matters?

Define upselling
Upselling is a sales tactics, where the seller provides a chance for their existing customers to upgrade or enhance a product or a service with their past purchase history.

For example: The simplest and most popular example of upselling happens when you walk into the mobile store and bought a smartphone, there you would be asked for mobile accessories like screen guard, panels, mobile case etc. It is just a suggestion of the product you bought and you would be really interested to take them on offer. So it is how an instant upsell happens.

Other examples might also include membership cards, providing a longer warranty, free maintenance, foam wash for a car etc.

In this article we will see how to do upselling via email marketing.

Make your messages personalised
Make your subscribers know that you know them and recognise them immediately when something special comes to your notice. An upsell email with a formal greeting might not fetch you a sale as it would seem for your clients that you are at the back of them for a buck. Targeting your message with their name on it would let them know that it is specially designed for them alone.

Show them what they have purchased
Show your subscribers of what they have purchased recently and congratulate them for their act. When you post something good about them, it would make them to read your email campaigns. Grab that chance to tell them about the new arrivals and promotions which would surely interest them. Your subscribers will stick around you to know what would be the next item.

When you suggest them something, make it clear that it is not of a random suggestion. It is just made exclusively for them alone to deliver something good for them as they are the most privileged customers.

Make out the apt suggestion
When you suggest them something related to their past purchase then you would be successful in gaining an additional purchase. It should be like this, when a subscriber gets a mobile then suggest mobile accessories. This means to them that you are not watching their wallet, you are really suggesting for their needs.

All the items in some way or the other related, it is all how you pitch them to your subscribers with it. When your subscribers are ordering for romantic suspense books of Sidney Sheldon then you can also suggest them the same kinds with that of another author say Linda Howard. Such recommendations and suggestions would really mark out a big picture in your sales score.

Get more
Your automation programs might be fantastic but there will be a gap for you to make it right. Hence it is good to offer your clients a chance to alter your suggestions. Hence have a link designed in your website. You can ask them to view the products, if something does not interest them then allow them to remove it from their list and ask them for more information or something like a feedback of what and why the product does not interest them, to know their interests and to serve them better. The more the information of subscribers, the more you can predict their needs to improve your sales.

Let them know who you are, what you are and where you are from
Make sure that you give your contact information like your name, location or address of your company and what you are. This allows them to know more about you and it would be easy for them to contact you for any information or complaints, if they have any. Your customer has right to know from where the email promotion or newsletter has been originated from into their inbox. If you want your buyers to trust you initially put it right with right contact information.

Multiple channel sharing
Word of mouth, tend to play an important role in brand awareness programme. Won't you feel good when your buyers telling something good about your brand to others? Surely you will. This is achieved only through word of mouth. Since we are living in technological era, word of mouth have been modified with social sharing modes like social media, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and etc. Enable your buyers to share the information and suggestion of yours to others which will automatically improve your upsell.

Unsubscribe button
A successful email marketer never wants to lose potential subscribers from their email database but at the same time you cannot keep them intact forcefully. This will lead to increase in complaint rates and spam rates which will bring down your brand reputation. You might be sending email promotions to them to make them attentive towards you. But one fine day they might mark you as spam leaving all your efforts in vain. Hence to avoid such things to happen, make unsubscribe button prominent and let your subscribers do what they wishes to do. Respect their values and wishes which will reward you with sales score finally.

Bottom lines
These are some of the tools and tactics that you should be aware of while performing upsell in email marketing. What do you think? Is there anything else missed out by MailGoes? Please inform us and we will be happy to welcome such suggestions to improve ourselves as well as to help our customers in the very best way.


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